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Jan 31, 2024

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Panasonic Connect Announces new KAIROS software version 1.6 and optional new products.

Up to 48 inputs and outputs with additional SDI input/output boards and software options with advanced backup capabilities

Tokyo, Japan – Panasonic Connect Co., Ltd. today announced the release of a new optional AT-KC20M1 SDI I/O Board and software version 1.6 for the KAIROS IT/IP Platform. Adding the SDI I/O Board increases the number of SDI inputs/outputs to a maximum of 48 connectors*1*2. The software update enables features such as user rights management, stream recording, and enhanced color correction. In addition, a new optional software, Kairos Core Manager AT-SFCM10, will be available in the fourth quarter of FY2023.

In addition to IP sources, KAIROS can now input and output a large number of images via SDI without the need for an external converter, allowing more flexible video production according to the customer's application and operating environment. The SDI I/O Board AT-KC20M1 is compatible with the Kairos Core 200/2000 mainframe (AT-KC200/2000/2000S1) and requires software version 1.6. There are 12 SDI micro-BNC connectors (8 inputs and 4 outputs ) per board, and up to 4 may be installed in the rear panel of the mainframe*2*3.

AT-KC2000 with installed 4 SDI I/O board.





Max number of boards installed




Number of HD/FHD I/O

Max. 32 in/16 out

Max. 32 in/16 out

Max. 16 in/8 out

Number of I/O at 4K

Max. 16 in/8 out

Max. 16 in/8 out

Max. 8 in/4 out

Example of new color corrections: Tone Curve Correction and LUT Correction

Updating the software to version 1.6, enables a color correction function with new parameters that makes it easier to use. The new user management function protects configuration settings and prevents production errors by setting the range of access for specific KAIROS users. Other features include a built-in clip player that supports recording, saving, and playback of SRT/RTP/RTMP input/output and RTSP input. With the advantage of being software-based, the KAIROS IT/IP Platform will continue to provide customers with more flexibility and reliability as the system evolves.

Example of User Management GUI screen

Sample of Kairos Core Manager GUI screen

The optional Kairos Core Manager AT-SFCM10 software, scheduled for release in the fourth quarter of FY2023, will support backup of production files, synchronisation of clips and other media, and data relocate between multiple Kairos Core units. The software will be free of charge for use with two or fewer Kairos Core units*4. If a Kairos Core fails, it may be easily replaced with another Kairos Core as a backup. In addition to network redundancy, which is already supported, Kairos Core backup can also be ensured, making video production with KAIROS even more secure.

Through the KAIROS IT/IP platform, Panasonic Connect provides unlimited video production to all customers involved in video production and distribution, especially those in the broadcasting, sports, and event industries.

■Details of the new optional products

image: Details of the new optional products

Product Name

SDI I/O Board

Kairos Core Manager

Product Number



Release Date

February 5th 2024

the fourth quarter of FY2023

■KAIROS Version 1.6 Details

【Compatible products】

- Mainframe: Kairos Core 2000 (AT-KC2000/2000S1), Kairos Core 200 (AT-KC200), Kairos Core 1000 (AT-KC1000), Kairos Core 100 (AT-KC100)

- Software: Kairos Creator (AT-SFC10), Touch Control Panel Software (AT-SFTC10)

- Control Panel: Kairos Control Panel (AT-KC10C1, AT-KC10C2)

【Scheduled to be available]】the fourth quater of FY2023

【Main functions】

・Compatible with the new SDI I/O board AT-KC20M1*1. Up to 4 boards can be installed*2*3, enabling up to 32 inputs/16 outputs in 720p/1080i/1080p SDI*5.

・Enhanced color correction function. Pedestal and other parameters have been added to RGB and YUV correction. New support for curve, color temperature, and matrix correction.

・Added user management function. The scope of operating rights can be set for each user, ensuring security when using KAIROS with multiple users.

・Streaming REC function. The built-in clip player supports recording, storage, and playback of SRT/RTP/RTMP streaming (input/output) and RTSP (input only).

・Improved operability across many other functions

*1: Compatible only with Kairos Core 200/2000 (AT-KC200T/2000T/2000TS1) mainframes.

*2: When the maximum number of boards is installed.

*3: Up to two AT-KC2000TS1 boards.

*4: Free of charge when used with 2 or fewer Kairos Cores. A software option key is required when used with 3 or more Kairos Cores

*5: Up to 16 inputs and 8 outputs in 4K.

About KAIROS IT/IP Platform

KAIROS has revolutionized video shooting, creation and projection processes for live production and distribution. As an IT-based open-architecture platform, KAIROS allows users to synthesize as many scenes and layers as the GPU permits for expressive, low-latency production, free from the video-format and mix-effect limitations of conventional hardware. The IP-based interface flexibly handles diverse inputs and outputs, network transmission and remote production. KAIROS enables professional live on-site broadcasting and distribution by small teams, without relay vehicles, and unconstrained by normal limits on remote resources as well as time and location.

About Panasonic Connect

Panasonic Connect Co., Ltd. was established on April 1, 2022 as part of the Panasonic Group’s switch to an operating company system. With roughly 29,500 employees worldwide and annual sales of JPY1,125.7 billion the company plays a central role in the growth of the Panasonic Group’s B2B solutions business and provides new value to its customers by combining advanced hardware, intelligent software solutions, and a wealth of knowledge in industrial engineering accumulated in its over 100-year history. The company’s purpose is to “Change Work, Advance Society, Connect to Tomorrow.” By driving innovation in the supply chain, public services, infrastructure, and entertainment sectors, Panasonic Connect aims to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society and to ensure well-being for all.

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