Jan 12, 2021

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Osaka, Japan - As CES 2021 makes a historic shift to an all-digital format, Panasonic brings its latest products and solutions to the world inside the Panasonic CES 2021 Digital Experience. The highly-interactive online experience enables visitors to immerse themselves in six key discovery areas: Entertainment, Smart Mobility/Automotive, Sustainability, Wellness, Lifestyle, and Food Retail. Each area has been intuitively designed to bring forth the ways Panasonic's latest innovations are moving the world forward.

Stream the Panasonic Press Conference

The Panasonic CES 2021 press conference can be streamed at https://na.panasonic.com/cesnews.

Exclusive Performance from Cold War Kids

Join us for a CES-exclusive immersive concert experience featuring indie rock band Cold War Kids on January 12 at 3:30 EST, filmed at the dynamic AREA15 complex in Las Vegas. The multidimensional listening and viewing experience will showcase several Panasonic technologies, including the new LUMIX ® BGH1 camera, Technics ® True Wireless in-ear headphones (EAH-AZ70W), and more.

Join Us for Daily Tech Talks

The Panasonic CES 2021 Digital Experience will broadcast a slate of Tech Talks daily, featuring Panasonic's leading technology minds and partners. The brief discussions are formatted to deliver interesting insights and inspire thought on emerging trends shaping industries and society. This year's Tech Talk lineup will feature:

  • • Team Panasonic athletes Michael Phelps, Katie Ledecky, Sakura Kokumai, and Lex Gillette get real as they look back at the challenges of 2020 and look ahead to 2021 with Erin Kennedy of the International Olympic Committee's Young Leaders Program.
  • • Scott Kirchner, President at Panasonic Automotive on creating safer, more comfortable, and meaningful experiences for the driver through augmented reality Head Up Displays (HUDs) that project more intuitive information in your natural field of view.
  • • Nicole Pike, Global Sector Head of Esports & Gaming at YouGov on the gamification of traditional education and how the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift from lecture-based in-classroom to remote learning.
  • • Celina Mikolajczak, Vice President of Battery Technology at Panasonic Energy of North America on making the vision of affordable electric vehicles a reality and the mission to make the world's safest, highest quality, and lowest cost batteries.
  • • Brian Allen, Vice President of Technology and Content at Illuminarium Experiences on their Panasonic collaboration and mission to create world class immersive experiences and take people to the places they've only dreamed of.

Visitors can view the full Tech Talk schedule and register for these sessions inside our Innovation Stage.

Dive into Digital Discovery Areas

Cold War Kids Join us for a CES-exclusive immersive concert experience featuring indie rock band Cold War Kids on January 12 at 3:30 PM EST, filmed at the dynamic AREA15 complex in Las Vegas.
Virtual Studio Our Pro AV gear breathes new life into every event and every venue to help create an unforgettable immersive experience for visitors and fans. Panasonic is collaborating with Illuminarium Experiences, a new experiential entertainment brand and the exclusive visual solution provider of native 4K projectors, 4K professional displays and 4K professional camera solutions for Illuminarium's 360-degree immersive experiential entertainment centers. The centers provide visitors with communal, connective entertainment meant to be enjoyed as a shared human experience.
Product Gallery Check out the latest products from Panasonic, including PTZ Camera, VR Glasses, Lumix ®, Technics ®, and more being showcased at CES 2021.
Tokyo 2020 Panasonic is a long-time worldwide partner and AV equipment supplier to the Olympic and Paralympic Games. In Tokyo this summer, we'll once again help share the passion with the world.
Smart Mobility / Automotive
Panasonic is helping define the user experience for the future of transportation:
  • · Introducing Panasonic's new Augmented Reality (AR) Head Up Display (HUD), utilizing our latest advances in optics, volume optimization and imaging technology, combined with AI technology from our SPYDR cockpit domain controller to render near-field and far-field content for vehicle information (like speed), object and pedestrian detection, and mapping / route guidance, for a seamless, more engaged and informed driver experience.
  • · Panasonic's new wireless Wi-Fi Camera combines best-in-class video resolution, ruggedness, and connectivity to ease the burden of navigating trailer hook-ups, lane changes, positioning, and monitoring cargo for millions of recreational trailer and camper owners.
  • · With two variants of in-vehicle wireless charging technology (moving coil and static coil), Panasonic's new Wireless Charging system aims to be a more accurate and more efficient way to charge - to be accessible in any vehicle without the hassle of first plugging in.
  • · A collaboration with award-winning consumer premium audio brand Klipsch ® and Dolby Atmos ® Music brings new immersive technology-driven sound performance into Panasonic's new in-vehicle proof of concept.
  • · Panasonic's latest integrated In-Vehicle Infotainment ecosystem was developed for the next generation of connected cars. Our eCockpit domain controller offers advanced functionality with VirtIO, mixed criticality, security, and latest Android Automotive OS.
Cirrus by Panasonic ® Winner of a CES 2020 Innovation Award in Vehicle Intelligence & Transportation, CIRRUS by Panasonic ® is a connected vehicle data platform that enhances mobility on the road by sharing data between vehicles, infrastructure, roadways and traffic operators in real time. CIRRUS by Panasonic ® is adaptable, extensible and secure, developed using industry V2X standards so that it can be easily integrated into existing transportation systems.
OneConnect ® Panasonic's OneConnect ® is a predictive and intuitive connected vehicle platform, optimizing, assisting and connecting vehicles, fleets and peace of mind. Learn how OneConnect is helping motorcyclists stay-up to date on the status of their bike and how it's helping fleet managers prevent vehicle breakdowns before they happen.
Electric Vehicle (EV) Batteries With global battery leadership, our dedicated engineers and technicians continue to push the envelope, designing batteries for more eco-friendly and efficient transportation.
Solar Energy Our panels deliver industry-leading power conversion, and our residential energy storage system saves surplus power for when you need it most.
Batteries A 40+ year global leader in dry cell batteries and lithium-ion batteries, we continue to innovate to meet the growing demand for smarter, more sustainable energy.
Cosmos Panasonic's innovative indoor air quality system, Cosmos works automatically in the background to remove contaminated air and bring in fresh, filtered air from outside.
Green Building Do more with less. Get a clear view of how our Glavenir ® Vacuum Insulated Glass and Insulation Panels offer compact, lightweight, energy-efficient alternatives to traditional building materials.
Panasonic provides professional-grade gear that powers eSports arenas, as well as powerful solutions for taking gaming at home to the next level.
  • • Panasonic is thrilled to announce that the SoundSlayer Gaming Speaker (SC-HTB01) has been named as a CES ® 2021 Innovation Awards Honoree in the Headphones & Personal Audio category. Designed in collaboration with SQUARE ENIX ® Co., Ltd., the SoundSlayer enhances the gaming experience for full audio immersion into a player's favorite games.
Lumix ® There's a Lumix ® camera for every kind of photographer. From point-and-shoots to 4K DSLMs, to our new modular box-type camera that's ideal for drones and gimbals, as well as live streaming.
Technics ® Now, the legendary audio experience is available to everyone. With our True Wireless headphones you can enjoy premium sound and best-in-class noise cancellation. Pure audio bliss.
Panasonic is excited to partner with Keith Habersberger, Ned Fulmer and Eugene Lee Yang of the popular YouTube comedy quartet, The Try Guys, in a head-to-head cooking competition at the first ever, all-digital CES 2021. The Try Guys will prepare the ultimate snack using the four versatile functions provided by the Panasonic NN-CD87KS HOME CHEF 4-in-1 Countertop Multi-Oven, including - airfrying, baking, broiling and traditional microwaving.
Visitors will have the opportunity to vote on a winning snack from our guest chefs for a chance to win a HomeChef 4-in-1.
* No purchase necessary to win.
Product Gallery
Check out the latest Panasonic lifestyle technologies, including updates from Lumix, Technics and more being showcased at CES 2021.
  • • Get a first look at the new Panasonic nanoe Hair Dryer (EH-NA67-W), furthering the brand's more than 80-years of hair dryer evolution. Designed for everyone - whatever age or gender, and even pets - the EH-NA-67-W utilizes patented nanoe technology to reduce hair damage from everyday brushing and includes a newly developed oscillating quick-dry nozzle for gentler and faster drying.
  • • Introducing Panasonic's flagship OLED TV for 2021, the JZ2000, available in 65 and 55-inch sizes. Hollywood tuning and superb color accuracy have always made Panasonic OLED TVs the best choice for viewing films and high-quality television. The JZ2000's low-latency, HDMI2.1 variable refresh rate (VRR) and high frame rate (HFR)-supported OLED TV satisfies TV and movie watchers as well as avid gamers.
Cosmos Panasonic's innovative indoor air quality system, Cosmos works automatically in the background to remove contaminated air and bring in fresh, filtered air from outside.
Healthcare From the OR to the ER, to Senior Care Facilities, to your home Panasonic offers innovative technology solutions that support healthcare workers and help improve overall wellbeing.

Explore Aura, the latest in meditation technology from Panasonic Future Life Factory and Product Analysis Center. Learn how we are leveraging sensibility sensing technology and visualization to deliver a whole new meditation experience.
In-Flight A more pleasant travel experience is now a reality --starting with the overall well-being of passengers. Welcome aboard !
Food Retail
Food Services Making food service faster and more personal with point-of-sale devices, self-ordering kiosks and drive thru systems all seamlessly connected to the back of the restaurant.
Food Retail With expertise in merchandising, energy-efficient refrigeration, food quality and integrity, Panasonic is uniquely qualified to help our customers improve their retail performance.

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