Dec 25, 2020

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Panasonic to Demonstrate `(MU) ROOM' Mindfulness-Based*1Accommodation Experience Solution at HOTEL ANTEROOM KYOTO

Osaka, Japan - Panasonic Corporation has developed a new accommodation experience solution for lodging operators, called "(MU) ROOM," that is designed to stimulate various human senses and offer optimal mindfulness activities*1. The company will install the technology at HOTEL ANTEROOM KYOTO in Kyoto City and verify its effectiveness in collaboration with the hotel from March 2, 2021.

With changes in people's values as well as the legal system, more accommodation facilities are now offering not only lodging services, but also special experiences to their guests. Given this trend, Panasonic focused on accommodation services in which guests can experience mindfulness-based activities, which are gaining popularity around the world. "(MU) ROOM" creates an optimal mindfulness space by combining the company's various technologies, such as mist, light, sound and scent to control indoor environment and stimulate human senses.

"(MU) ROOM" will be offered as a package module that can replace the facilities of a typical single room. A space of about four-and-a-half tatami mats (approx. 7.29 m2) will be set up with no physical objects inside. The indoor environment will be controlled according to the "Meditation Program" supervised by Professor Hiroaki Kumano, Faculty of Human Sciences at Waseda University. A combination of silky fine mist*2, lighting control (brightness and color), spatial sound, and aroma will lead the guest into a meditative state. The guest's heart rate and breathing will be measured while experiencing the program, making it possible to score*3 the meditation with a dedicated smartphone app.

Layout comparison of standard room and (MU) ROOM
* Basic concept plan. Size of (MU) Room can be
adjusted according to the room where it is installed.

Image of meditation in (MU) ROOM

[Outline of verification at HOTEL ANTEROOM KYOTO]

  • ・ Period: From Tuesday, March 2 to Thursday, September 30, 2021 (Planned)
  • ・ Number of rooms: 1 room
  • ・ Test details:
    1) Evaluation of the receptivity of "(MU) ROOM" by guests who actually stay at the hotel
    2) Evaluation of benefits to hotel management (advantages, spillover effect, etc.) by introducing the system


HOTEL ANTEROOM KYOTO, planned, designed and operated by UDS Ltd. in Tokyo, offers hotel rooms and apartments renovated from a student dormitory building just south of Kyoto station. ANTEROOM consists of gallery, breakfast restaurant and bar, and brings together art and culture expressing the essence of 'ever-changing contemporary Kyoto' through various activities.

Official website:

[Main Functions of (MU) ROOM]

  • ・ Silky fine mist technology
  • ・ Spatial sound technology (high-resolution sound)
  • ・ Lighting control technology (supervised by Izumi Okayasu Lighting Design)
  • ・ Meditation experience app (meditation scoring)
  • ・ Panel construction (construction method that can be adjusted according to the installation space)


  • * 1 A psychological process that focuses on the experience that is occurring at this moment, which can be developed through training such as meditation. It is also used in the medical and welfare fields.
  • * 2 An ultra-fine mist generated by Panasonic's original two-fluid nozzle. Since it evaporates quickly after being sprayed, there is little feeling of wetness even when sprayed directly. Instead, a comfortable, cooling effect is achieved. It is a new type of mist that can be sprayed in close proximity to people.
  • * 3 A method developed by Panasonic Corporation's Technology Division with the support of the Center of Innovation (COI) Program, a research development project of the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST).

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