Sep 03, 2015

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Panasonic to Present 'A Better Life, A Better World' at IFA 2015

Osaka, Japan - Panasonic will exhibit its latest products and technologies at the Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin (IFA) 2015, one of the biggest trade shows for consumer electronics and home appliances in the world, to be held in Berlin, Germany, from September 4 to 9, 2015.

Under the theme of "A Better Life, A Better World," the Panasonic booth will highlight the Lifestyles Showcase presenting a living environment featuring "the lifestyles we all desire," complete with Panasonic's wide range of products, from audio-visual equipment to home appliances and beauty appliances.

Panasonic Live @ IFA2015 will also make available views from the exhibition venue on video.

Main Exhibits in the Panasonic Booth

• Future Lifestyle

Lifestyle Showcase: Better Living Tomorrow
Focusing on the themes of food preparation, family gathering, relaxation, and beauty and health, Panasonic presents the "lifestyles we all desire" technically possible within the next five years. These themes will be presented in four living environments of the kitchen, dining room, living room and bedroom, with home interiors and consumer electronics blended in harmony.

The kitchen encourages rich and healthy eating habits, like having your own professional chef and nutritionist in your home, through Panasonic's advanced kitchen appliances and cloud services that make preparing nutritionally-balanced gourmet dishes as simple as a piece of cake.

Built-in Kitchen
In addition to Panasonic's free-style induction hobs and cordless kitchen appliances, its new ideas include a built-in food maturing stocker for fermenting and maturing food.

Cloud Services
Centering around the Personal Kitchen Screen, demonstrations here will introduce how connected home appliances can enrich your eating lifestyle with cloud-based services, such as recommending recipes that match the family's eating habits.

Here a family is able to enjoy a pleasant time together, full of conversation in a stimulating environment aided by an unobstructively-designed screen, video and lighting effects and information updates.

Transparent Screen
The transparent screen is an interactive window that functions as a windowpane when not displaying images.

Smart Downlight
This novel downlight is similar to a projector and will both light up the table and project images.

In the living room Panasonic's audio-visual equipment blends in as part of the interior decor and creates a relaxing atmosphere, whether you are alone or with others.

Ambient Display
The smart display automatically changes its size to the optimum depending on the information displayed on it.

Rug Speakers
These speakers are incorporated into the carpet. In addition to providing maximum 6.1-channel surround sound perfect for watching movies, they offer control over the reach of sound. The sound can be directed to people who want to listen to it or away from those in the room who may be in conversation or reading.

With built-in equipment and services fused with the bedroom environment, the room contributes to the healthy lifestyle of an individual with health and beauty information similar to that given by a professional advisor but in the comfort of your own home.

Your Sleep Manager
To support a good sleep, Panasonic's advanced technologies are integrated together, such as those in sensors, images, air conditioning and sound systems, as well as circadian lighting systems based on human biorhythms that are repeated according to the sun's movements.

Interactive Mirror
This mirror has been improved from the previous interactive mirror and now includes features such as vital statistics check, magnifier and rear view of yourself.

•Home Entertainment

Lifestyle Showcase: Living
In the living environment Panasonic creates a high-quality audio-visual space with 4K organic light emitting diode (OLED) TV, 4K home theater systems, AllPlay™, SAT>IP (broadcast signal and IP conversion protocol) compatible equipment for home streaming and mobile monitoring cameras.

Hands-on Demonstrations

Visitors can preview the latest lineup of Panasonic's 4K VIERA TVs, including its new "4K Pro" 65-inch OLED (TX-65CZ950) to be released in October in Europe. The CZ950 is equipped with Panasonic's original 4K Studio Master Processor image processing engine, which has been tuned by a professional Hollywood colorist and utilizes color management technology acquired through the company's extensive experience with plasma TVs to realize the ultimate in advanced picture quality with high contrast and rich color expression, delivering picture quality accurate to the filmmaker's original intentions.
The TV technology zone will explain in more detail the technology that is behind the high picture quality of VIERA TVs, along with the Firefox OS that makes web content more accessible and SAT>IP that allows for receiving TV broadcasts via LAN and wireless transmissions without using an antenna.

Personal Screen (reference model)
A development prototype of a waterproof, portable 24-inch TV will be on display. It uses wireless transmissions from tuners to allow users to enjoy TV broadcasts or recorded programs in rooms without antennas.

Ultra HD Blu-ray™ Player (reference model)
This is a development prototype of the Ultra HD Blu-ray™ player compatible with the next-generation Blu-ray standard, adopting the latest technologies like 4K and High Dynamic Range.

AllPlay™-Compatible Products
This corner will introduce the Panasonic SC-ALL5CD compact stereo system and SC-ALL2 wireless speaker system, among others, that are compatible with the AllPlay™ protocol, which uses Wi-Fi to play music simultaneously on several equipment in the house. These products offer a wonderful music experience with non-compressed transmission that allows users to enjoy high-quality audio easily anywhere in the house from a variety of sound sources such as music saved on a smartphone or tablet, streaming, CDs and radios.

High Resolution Audio Products
Here visitors can find Panasonic's audio equipment that reproduces richly detailed high-resolution sound in high quality, including the SC-PMX100/70 micro audio system, the RP-HD10/5 headphones and prototype in-ear headphones.

Nubo Mobile Monitoring Camera
Taking advantage of 4G LTE, 3G or 2G mobile connectivity, Panasonic Nubo is the world's first mobile monitoring camera that makes monitoring possible in places without Wi-Fi connectivity ? such as a tent at a festival, a horse in a remote stable or a moored boat - you can protect the things most important to you, at all times.

• Imaging

Lifestyle Showcase: Urban Park
This corner will showcase outdoor-oriented imaging solutions. Panasonic's proposals for recording your precious memories include its wearable cameras that are more compact and ideal for more active video shooting and LUMIX cameras with 4K video recording capability that offer its unique 4K Photo mode.

Hands-on Demonstrations

LUMIX Digital Cameras
The lineup on display will include Panasonic's latest LUMIX camera models and lenses, such as the new GX8 digital single-lens mirrorless camera capable of 4K video recording, the FZ300 Bridge camera due to be released this autumn, and the new LUMIX G 25 mm/F1.7 standard single-focus lens.

In the technology exhibit zone, Panasonic will introduce its Innovative Handshake Correction System by the ideal combination of lens I.S. and Body I.S., which is featured with the LUMIX GX8, as well as the new Focus Select feature currently in development which allows the focus position to be freely adjusted after the photo is taken.

The photo gallery will show photos of decisive moments captured with 4K photo mode.

Video Cameras/Wearable Cameras
Panasonic will introduce a "wireless twin camera" solution by wirelessly connecting its A1 compact, lightweight - approx. 45 grams - wearable camera and the WX970 4K video camera. Videos taken with the A1 will appear on the sub-screen of the WX970. Panasonic's lineups of video cameras and wearable cameras will also be on display.

• Beauty/Spa

Lifestyle Showcase: Salon
Professional hair stylists and advisors will show simple and convenient ways to enhance your beauty at home, using a wide range of Panasonic's beauty appliances, from health care to skin care.

Hands-on Demonstrations

Beauty Appliances
Visitors can experience first hand Panasonic's unique "nanoe" hair-care products that infuse moisture into hair while drying, as well as facial steamers that allow moisture to penetrate and clean deep into the skin through pores, plus the ES-WH80 Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Epilator which went on sale in Europe this past August.

Men's Grooming
Visitors can try out Panasonic's 5-blade ES-LV95 Lamdash shaver that allows for gentle and close shave with an advanced pivoting head, and the ER-GB80/70/60 beard and moustache trimmers that feature 39 settings for personalized trim length.

• Laundry

Presentation Stage
Here an impromptu stage performance will introduce Panasonic's intelligent AutoCare function that ensures an optimum washing performance by automatically detecting stain levels.

Hands-on Demonstrations

•Panasonic's rich history of washing machine manufacturing, beginning in 1951, will be shown, with the very first commercial model on display.

•Visitors can find Panasonic's latest lineup of washing machines equipped with AutoCare. Using optical sensors, AutoCare detects stain levels and the type of laundry detergent in use to ensure an optimum washing performance. The lineup includes the large, 10 kg capacity NA-140ZS1/XS1/XR1 offering superb efficiency and ease of use, and the NA-140ZS1/XS1 and 168ZS1 that feature a powerful steam function to help soften the fabric without using fabric softener. These washing machines will be released in Europe in February 2016.

• Cooking/Kitchen

Lifestyle Showcase: Kitchen
A food specialist will offer a mini-cooking school, using Panasonic's slow juicer, steam microwave oven and breadmaker to suggest a healthy eating lifestyle with freshly prepared foods. An instructor from a famous Japanese cooking school, Tsuji Culinary Institute, will prepare Japanese cuisine, using Panasonic's induction hob on the stage.

Hands-on Demonstrations

Panasonic's refrigerators on display here combines sophisticated exterior design with innovative features inside, such as Vitamin Safe that keeps vegetable fresh and PerfectSolution allowing for layout flexibility inside the fridge. Demonstrations highlight various features from the viewpoints of ecology, health and freshness, with videos showing a real-size touchscreen display.

Built-in Equipment
This corner demonstrates Panasonic's full-scale entry into the European appliances market, with products on display including built-in kitchen equipment that went on sale in Germany this summer, such as induction hobs, steam microwave ovens, dishwasher-dryers, range hoods and refrigerators. The exhibits will highlight features unique to Panasonic using its technology and usability honed over years in Japan. They include the KYT-B915/925/935 and KY-B615/625 induction hobs. They provide optimum temperature control for cooking, thanks to Panasonic's original light thermal sensor technology that detects far-infrared radiation from the bottom of the pot. Also included will be the SX485 compact oven equipped with inverter controls and steamer functions.

Kitchen Appliances
Visitors can experience Panasonic's latest kitchen appliances first hand, such as the MJ-L500 slow juicer to make fresh juice and frozen sweets, the NN-CS894 combination steam microwave oven for steam and grill cooking, and the SD-ZB2512 breadmaker that allows the user to enjoy freshly baked bread at home.

• Technics

Prototype on Display

Panasonic will show a prototype of an analog turntable with a newly developed Direct Drive (DD) motor, as well as a video introducing the history of the Technics brand that celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.

Products on Display

SU-G30 Grand Class Network Audio Amplifier (to go on sale in Europe in spring 2016)
This Hi-Fi network amp designed for the high-resolution era realizes the ideal of simplicity with high performance. Inheriting the advanced digital technology featured with the Reference Class, the amp with a simple configuration delivers uncompromising audio quality by sending the digital audio data via the shortest signal path for minimum deterioration.

ST-G30 Grand Class Music Server (to be released in Europe in spring 2016)
The Hi-Fi music server offers high-quality sound and premium user experiences. Panasonic's noise reduction technology realizes high quality, accurate data transmission, while Bit-Perfect Ripping realizes precision data importing from CDs by using a CD drive enclosed in a sound damping shelter to suppress vibration and noise to minimal levels.

•OTTAVA™ (SC-C500) Premium Class All-in-one Hi-Fi System (to be released in Europe in 2015)
This all-in-one premium audio offers new listening style, with genuine Hi-Fi sound and a compact, stylish design. It uses a unique speaker system - with tweeters and horns set in three directions - to fill the entire space with music.

EAH-T700 Premium Stereo Headphones (to be released in Europe in 2015)
These headphones provide the ultimate sound experience, with a wide band two-way drive (50 mm dynamic driver and 14 mm super tweeter) to faithfully reproduce the sound of each instrument.

Listening Room
Visit the listening room and enjoy the superb sound produced by current Technics models, including the Reference Class R1 Series, the Premium Class C700 Series and the new Grand Class G30 Series.

[Booth Structure]

Panasonic Booth at IFA

Period: Friday, September 4 to Wednesday, September 9, 2015
Location: Messe Berlin, Hall 5.2 a/b
Booth size: Approx. 3,300 m²
Exhibits: Latest consumer electronics products

Panasonic Live@IFA 2015
During the show over 40 videos will be produced and hosted at, the dedicated Panasonic Live@IFA 2015 site, bringing the Panasonic IFA experience and in-depth product information to people around the world.

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