Jun 25, 2019

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Panasonic to Hold a Special Exhibition to Promote the Olympic and Paralympic Values with Sports Manga Titled "SPORTS x MANGA"

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Tokyo, Japan - Panasonic Corporation will hold its annual special exhibition titled "SPORTS x MANGA" from Saturday, July 13 to Sunday, September 29, 2019, at the Panasonic Center Tokyo (3-5-1 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo) designed to empower the passion toward the Olympic and Paralympic Movement.

On the road to 2020, the Panasonic Center Tokyo has been deeply proactive in supporting the Olympic and Paralympic Movement based on the 3 following perspectives "Sports", "Culture" and "Education". This time, the Panasonic Center Tokyo with its special exhibition will introduce a unique aspect of Japanese modern culture "Manga", and blend it with the company's latest cutting-edge technologies to provide to its visitors new entertaining ways to experience the beauty of sports.
The event will represent the 5th special exhibition organized by the Panasonic Center Tokyo as part of the support toward the Olympic and Paralympic Movement.

The content of the exhibition has been created in collaboration with Angoulême International Comics Festival and its art director as curator. It will showcase over 100 of the greatest sports manga titles, combined with Panasonic's audiovisual equipment (projectors and LCDs). Such presentation will introduce Japanese manga's rich history and culture and put a spot on the connection between "Manga" and the world sports. The exhibition will consist of six themed areas offering entertaining and hands-on experience corners for the visitors to truly enjoy the beauty of sports, a year ahead of the Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games.

On July 13, the first day of the exhibition, and during the 2019 summer holidays, various talk events with athletes will also take place at the Panasonic Centre Tokyo in coordination with the special exhibition.

By conducting such type of activities, Panasonic aims to support the Olympic and Paralympic Movement from a worldwide perspective.

For more information about the special exhibition "SPORTS x MANGA," please check the following website.

"Let's Build TOKYO Together" Special Exhibition "SPORTS x MANGA" Overview

  • Period: Saturday, July 13 - Sunday, September 29 * Closed on Mondays (except on July 15, September 16)

  • Open: 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. (last admission: 5:45 p.m.)

  • Venue: Panasonic Center Tokyo (3-5-1 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo)

  • Access:


    Two minutes' walk from Kokusai-tenjijo Station on Rinkai Line
    Three minutes' walk from Ariake Station on New Transit Yurikamome

  • Admission: Free

  • Organized by: Panasonic Corporation

  • Cooperation:

    Angoulême International Comics Festival
    The Yomiuri Shimbun

  • Support:

    Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Japanese Olympic Committee
    Japanese Para-Sports Association, Japanese Paralympic Committee
    Embassy of France in Japan, Institut français du Japon, Embassy of Switzerland in Japan, Koto-City Board of Education

  • Special cooperation: Kodansha, Shogakukan, SHUEISHA, Akitashoten

Exhibition booths

  • Chapter 1: The History of Sports Manga and Japanese Society

    Details the history from the dawn of manga to the present day, and illustrates the effects of manga on society.

  • Chapter 2: Training

    Presents mental and philosophical training along with changes in training methods over time.

  • Chapter 3: Special Moves and Techniques

    Special moves often feature impossible techniques, showing a world of sports distinct from reality.

  • Chapter 4: Manga Heroes and Athletes

    Describes the close connection between manga and athletes by introducing athletes who were captivated by manga heroes and took up their sports.

  • Chapter 5: The Spiritual Values of Manga and Sports

    Introduces the spirit, ideals, and values expressed in sports manga, noting how they overlap with Olympic values.

  • Chapter 6: Manga and Anime Portraying the Paralympic Games

    Makes people feel the joy and wonder of Paralympic sports, and spreads the Paralympics values through manga.

  • Chapter 7: The Culture of Japanese Manga Around the World

    Presents the impact of Japanese "Manga" from a worldwide perspective as well as its influence in nowadays modern culture.

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Open: 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Closed: On Mondays and during the year-end and New Year holidays
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