Mar 20, 2019

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Panasonic Highlights Solutions to Tackle Frontline Operational Issues at RETAILTECH JAPAN 2019

Tokyo, Japan - Panasonic Corporation exhibited its latest technologies and solutions for the supply chain management field at RetailTech Japan 2019, the country's largest tradeshow for retail information systems, which was held from March 5-8, 2019 at Tokyo Big Sight (booth # RT1401, East Hall 1).

This year, Panasonic exhibited diverse solutions based on its concept of "Gemba Process Innovation," which aims to solve various operational issues faced by customers through the utilization of information and the knowhow accumulated by Panasonic in its over 100 years of experience in the manufacturing industry.

At its booth Panasonic showcased technologies and solutions which can increase efficiency at each stage of the supply chain by improving processes and linking multiple locations including warehouses and retail stores.

Also, stage presentations and business sessions provided at the booth explained Panasonic's vision of Gemba Process Innovation through actual case studies in the supply chain management field, from manufacturing to logistics and on to the retail store.

Booth Exhibit Overview

1. Visualization and Data Utilization Zone: Visualization of people and goods throughout the entire supply chain, utilization of data to solve supply chain management issues

Applying both IT solutions and edge devices to improve frontline operations and the entire supply chain management process.

  • Out of Stock Detection System (Reference exhibit)
  • Electronic Tag Solution (New product)
  • "KPAS" Facial Recognition Solution (New product)
  • Behavioral Analysis System (Reference exhibit)
  • Warehouse Visualization Solution (Reference exhibit)
  • Transport Visualization Solution (New product)

2. Automation and Work Assistance Zone: Automation and process enhancement support for each frontline facility

Improving frontline work efficiency with internal/external robotics technology and hardware utilization.

  • Kitchen Automation Solution (Case study) (Reference exhibit)
  • Automatic Transport System (New product)
  • Visual Sort Assist(TM) - Package Sorting Assistance System (New product)
  • Space Measurement Solution
  • Temperature Sensing Solution

Zone Exhibit Details

1. Visualization and Data Utilization Zone (Partnership with JDA Software, Inc.)

The following three solutions were introduced to help solve frontline supply chain issues through the synergy of JDA's IT solutions and Panasonic's edge devices.

  • Out of Stock Detection System

    Cameras and image recognition technology automatically detect out of stock products and efficiently instructs store staff to replenish stock.

  • KPAS Facial Recognition Solution

    Deep learning is applied to achieve the world's highest level*1 of facial recognition technology. Faces can be accurately detected even when captured at an angle, after aging from the registered photo, and when wearing sunglasses.

  • Behavioral Analysis System

    Store layout and shelving allocation can be optimized based on the detection and analysis of customers, including age and gender, other personal attributes, and flow line information.

Zetes Warehouse and Transportation Solutions

  • Warehouse Visualization Solution

    Supporting work with warehouse interior audio utilizing the Zetes system, and increasing efficiency with batch barcode scanning.

  • Transport Visualization Solution

    Visualizing transport progress utilizing Zetes solutions. Preventing transport errors while increasing the shipper's efficiency.

2. Automation and Work Assistance Zone

  • Kitchen Automation Solution

    A case study of automating a hot pot restaurant kitchen leveraging the knowhow of Panasonic's robotics technology. Automating tray settings for side dishes by means of robotics technology and image recognition. Achieving higher efficiency and improving food safety through the use of robotics.

  • Automatic Transportation System

    An automatic system utilizing an autonomous, low-to-ground type robot suitable for cage-truck transportation within a warehouse.

  • Visual Sort Assist(TM) - Package Sorting Assistance System

    By utilizing projection mapping technology, this system can simplify conveyor belt package sorting, by eliminating the need for workers to read each package label and enabling higher efficiency even by inexperienced workers.

  • Space Measurement Solution

    Package sizes can be quickly measured using 3D scanning. Measurement time is reduced and errors are prevented for cargo collectors and warehouse workers, thereby increasing efficiency.

  • Temperature Sensing Solution

    By capturing the image of a distant target object, the far infrared rays emitted from the object can be measured to determine its temperature. This allows fast detection of temperature abnormalities at a distance in cold chain equipment and facilities.

*1 According to an official NIST evaluation report published on April 28, 2017.

* On February 11, 2020, JDA Software announced company name change to Blue Yonder.

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