May 22, 2017

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Panasonic Showcases the Future of Business Innovation in Europe

Panasonic Business has created a showcase of its future technology at the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) in Coventry, with many of the systems on show in Europe for the first time.

Coventry, United Kingdom - In response to recent market listening activities Panasonic invited over 100 guests, representing some of Europe's biggest companies, to see first-hand a showcase of almost 50 different innovative technologies.

This followed a number of strategic initiatives which saw Panasonic engage with the market to identify how organisations address innovation on a practical level.

Tony O'Brien, managing director of the European solutions team at Panasonic Business said, "We've had consistent feedback from the market that there is a desire for solution providers to demonstrate innovation rather than continue with less outcome based activities such as panel debates and workshops."

The connected technology solutions on display at MTC, targeted at sectors such as logistics, utilities and transportation, included:

  • Intelligent Warehouse Solution:

    which utilises barcode scanning and security camera technology to efficiently track packages within a logistics hub.

  • Vital sensing technology:

    which uses camera technology to scan people's faces while driving vans and HGVs. This can be used to detect the health status of the driver or if the correct person is driving.

  • Fleet management system:

    a dynamic logistics planning tool based on the number of parcels and traffic information.

  • Intelligent security system:

    age and gender video analytics and wireless video distribution systems.

  • The future of 'one person train operation:

    which combines imaging, transmission and display sub-systems to provide a feature rich, digital information for driver only train operations.

"The fact that we had to close the registrations for the event early demonstrates the desire within large organisations to find new, innovative and efficient working practices," added O'Brien. "While many organisations describe conceptual business solutions, none can match Panasonic for the shear breadth of technology we develop.

"Connecting the market directly with our engineers from Japan and Europe allows us to focus our new product development activities and provide more industry specific solutions. This unique collaborative approach will make us an ideal technology partner for organisations that are looking to realise innovation more quickly and with reduced risk."


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