Mar 24, 2017

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Panasonic Forms Subsidiary of Factory Software System Integrators

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Osaka, Japan - Panasonic Corporation announced that Panasonic Factory Solutions Co., Ltd. (PFSC) today signed an agreement with DATA COLLECTION SYSTEMS CO., LTD. (DCS), a company engaged in the development, sales and system integration of manufacturing execution system (MES) software, to make DCS a subsidiary of PFSC.

The move aims to build up Panasonic's manufacturing floor solutions business, primarily in Asia

MES is aimed at executing detailed production orders, monitoring production, and analyzing performance in order to gain a finer grasp of production capacity and results. The spread of the Internet of Things (IoT), focusing on the electronic equipment and automobile industries, has increased rapidly in recent years. Consequently, this has generated greater demand for the introduction of MES for predictive management and loss-cost reduction. This trend is also causing a rapid expansion of MES into industries where such systems have not previously been used.

PFSC aims to achieve further business growth by enhancing its solution-driven approach to optimization of overall factory production management in addition to its conventional single-product sales of electronic component mounters. DCS uses its network of offices in Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, and China to introduce its own proprietary MES and production management software, especially tailored for easy adoption, to a wide range of manufacturing industry clients in Asia.

Both companies came to perceive the great potential of joining PFSC's marketing power with DCS's system-integration human resources to provide a greater number of customers with higher-level process-improvement solutions, leading to discussions between them that finally ended in an agreement for DCS to become a subsidiary of PFSC. PFSC and DCS intend to work in the growth market of MES to expand the manufacturing floor solution-driven business, with a particular focus on industries new to MES. By doing this, they will help to speed up the growth of Panasonic's B2B business.

After becoming a subsidiary, DCS will change its name to "Panasonic Factory Solutions Integration Systems Co., Ltd.".

【Profile of DCS】

Company name


Representative Director

President Takumi Kurita

Headquarters location

Naka Ward, Yokohama

Business operations

Development, sales, and introduction of manufacturing execution and production management systems


122.23 million Yen


January 7th, 2004

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