Apr 05, 2017

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Electronics Meets Crafts in the Brera Art Academy at Milano Salone 2017

Milan, Italy - Panasonic Corporation is taking part in Milano Salone 2017, being held in Milan, Italy, from April 4 to 9, 2017. This year, Panasonic presents at the historical fine arts institution, Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera. The exceptional installation and various design products showcase state-of-the-art craftsmanship and aesthetic awareness that highlight Panasonic's theme at Milano Salone, "Electronics Meets Crafts."

In the Magnolia Courtyard of the Academy, Panasonic's B2B installation welcomes you. Combining the serenity of nature and the grace of technology, the installation brings to light a sharpened aesthetic awareness and allure of space. Panasonic's imaging and audio technologies, featuring projectors, speakers, and lighting, create not only an inspiring space for visitors but also stimulate their five senses through touch and sensation.

Meanwhile, in an underground corridor filled with history, Panasonic is exhibiting various prototype products in the theme of this year's exhibition, "Electronics Meets Crafts." These products were created from Panasonic's partnership with GO ON, a joint collaboration of Kyoto craftspeople who apply time-honored techniques of Japanese crafts to create inspiring, new designs with international and contemporary appeal.

In addition, students of the Academy created their own installations to be shown during Milano Salone, using Panasonic's Space Player projectors based on their inspiration. Mr. Franco Marrocco, Director of the Accademia di Brera commented "we look upon this particular collaboration as a source of great energy and a source of novelties. I really think it's going to be our bread and butter for the future."

Through this installation, Panasonic promotes the "Future Craft" philosophy. With dedication and thoughtful consideration for people and the environment, Panasonic strives to provide a better future for the next century through visionary designs. "Electronics Meets Crafts" underlines the detail and refined craftsmanship inherent in all Panasonic products, which is the company's basic philosophy toward design.

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