Mar 13, 2017

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Panasonic Touches Down at Mobile World Congress 2017

Barcelona, Spain - Panasonic System Solutions Europe presented the latest in connectivity and mobile solutions at Mobile World Congress 2017 (MWC), in Barcelona, Spain from February 27 to March 3, 2017.

MWC is the world's largest gathering for the mobile industry, with over two thousand companies taking part in MWC last year, with the 2016 gathering seeing over 100 thousand visitors from 204 countries.

This year, Panasonic showcased its broad suite of intelligent technology solutions for the first time in Europe, and focused its exhibition around the theme, the "Connected Airport." Panasonic's "Connected Airport" emphasized the variety of sectors and scenes that can utilize Panasonic's solutions, including wireless connectivity, high-speed communications, retail, security and logistics, as well as ground handling and connected vehicles. MWC also saw the launch of the new Toughbook CF-33, the world's first 3:2 aspect ratio, fully rugged 2-in-1 detachable laptop.*
*As of February 27, 2017


Panasonic booth @ MWC2017

Exhibition Highlights

Connectivity Solutions

Panasonic highlighted the latest in connectivity and network solutions at MWC, including WiGig, a wireless technology which can transmit at 2 gigabits per second, a speed which can download a two hour video in ten seconds. In addition, Panasonic presented its high-bandwidth PrivateLTE network, as well as HD-PLC, which can connect large sites over several kilometers.

WiGig, PrivateLTE, and HD-PLC

Toughbook CF-33

The Toughbook CF-33, fully rugged 2-in-1 detachable laptop, made its debut at MWC. Toughbooks are made to withstand extreme conditions, which make these ideal devices for emergency services, maintenance technicians, and in cockpits or by airport crews.

Toughbook CF-33

Intelligent Security

Airports employ thousands of cameras to protect visitors and staff, and Panasonic's cameras and solutions make security even smarter. Panasonic's intelligent detection software alerts operators to potential risks and problems, such as by identifying suspicious objects or people.

Intelligent Security

Connected Vehicles

Panasonic and Ficosa presented the latest technologies in Ficosa's Connected Car. With the spread of autonomous driving on the horizon, higher levels of safety & efficiency as well as an enhanced in-vehicle experience are becoming increasingly essential, realized through connections to the Internet of Things and road infrastructure.

Introducing Ficosa's Connected Car

Other Highlights

  • Intelligent Warehouse Solutions and Parcel Picker

  • Solutions for Logistics Hubs

  • Green Tower - Energy Infrastructure Management Solutions

  • LinkRay and HD Beacon

Panasonic System Solutions Europe (PSSEU), a division of Panasonic Marketing Europe, was founded in April 2016 and develops world class solutions for larger customers offering a single point of contact and accountability. These solutions involve Panasonic hardware, software, connectivity capability and third party products, delivered with world class engineering and project management and services. Industries in focus are energy, transportation and logistics. PSSEU has a number of subsidiaries, including Cameramanager and Panasonic Business Software Europe, which provide specialist software or systems integration capabilities.

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    Private LTE Base Station

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    Toughbook CF-33

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    Ficosa's Connected Car

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    Intelligent warehouse solutions

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    Green Tower

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