Aug 26, 2016

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Panasonic "Annual Report 2016" and CSR/Environmental Report Published


Osaka, Japan - On August 26, 2016, Panasonic Corporation published our "Annual Report 2016" (a financial and ESG report for the period ended March 2016) and an annual report on our social/environmental efforts and activities on their respective websites.

Annual Report 2016

Panasonic's Annual Report is targeted mainly at investors. It provides information on business strategies, financial conditions, ESG (environment, society, and governance), and more, to help investors make investment decisions.

Key points

  1. Our medium-long term perspective, strategies, and non-financial information are more enhanced.
    One new effort we have undertaken is to have interviews conducted with our President and other members of management by outside interviewers. During his interview, our President discussed the efforts he has taken as a management executive since being appointed, and his strategy and philosophy toward sustainable growth, including where M&As fit into the big picture. Our CTO (Chief Technology Officer) was also interviewed. During his interview, he covered technological initiatives such as the "R&D 10-Year Vision" and open innovation, and discussed our overall technological strategy. The Annual Report also covers our new initiatives about corporate governance.
  2. Design completely renewed
    We redesigned the front cover and report as a whole. The sporting motif is an expression of our strong will and energy to push toward future growth. We also revised the overall organization of the report in order to better tell the Panasonic story - for example, the table of contents is now organized largely by topic.

CSR/Environmental Annual Report

Panasonic's Sustainability Website provides reports on our social/environmental efforts and specific activities we are engaged in. We have also gathered reports on topics of particular interest to stakeholders in "Sustainability Data Book 2016," a PDF booklet available on our website.

Key points

  1. Reports on management structures including CSR/environmental policies and promotion systems, activities, and results
  2. Social:
    In addition to reports on human rights/labor, health & safety, ethics, supply chain management, and social efforts we engage in through our products & services, we also provide reports on a variety of topics that are gaining worldwide attention, such as "initiatives for the prevention of slavery and human trafficking" and "activities for improving customer satisfaction in BtoB systems solutions business."
  3. Environment:
    Although we had previously set fiscal 2019 targets in our environmental action plan, Green Plan 2018 (GP2018), our website now features a revised version of GP2018 that strengthens our stance on environmental activities, with the goal of increasing how our businesses contribute to the environment and steadily reducing CO2 emissions in production activities.

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