Apr 21, 2016

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Panasonic Power Devices on Display at "Power Conversion Intelligent Motion 2016" in Europe


Nuremberg, Germany - Panasonic Corporation will exhibit its power device products at the Power Conversion Intelligent Motion 2016 (PCIM 2016) exhibition held over a period of three days from May 10 to 12.

Panasonic will present its solutions with the next generation power devices, GaN/SiC, for industrial and automotive applications. The company will showcase its accumulated elemental technologies by introducing products and solutions ranging from the discrete devices to subsystems that contribute to downsizing, increasing efficiency and energy saving with utilizing heat management on customers' applications.

In addition, various indispensable passive components for these solutions such as high-performance and high reliability capacitors, compact high-power current sensing resistors (shunt resistors), high reliability power inductors and PGS graphite sheet for thermal management on applications will be exhibited.

Power Conversion Intelligent Motion 2016 (PCIM 2016)

  • Date: May 10 (Tuesday) to 12 (Thursday), 2016
  • Venue: Nuremberg Messe (Nuremberg, Germany)
  • Panasonic booth: Hall 6-429
  • PCIM 2016 website: https://www.mesago.de/en/pcim/

Major Exhibits

Solutions for industry

  • GaN-based compact power supply units (GaN application example)
  • GaN-based inverter for motors (GaN application example)
  • GaN evaluation environment
  • GaN power devices
  • Bidirectional AC/DC converter for power storage systems (SiC application example)
  • Power modules (GaN/SiC)

Passive components

  • Conductive polymer capacitors
  • Film capacitors
  • Current sensing resistors
  • Power inductors

Thermal management solutions

  • PGS graphite sheet

Panasonic GaN Power Device Features

Normally-off (*1) and current-collapse free (*2) devices contribute to the safe and consistently stable operation of inverters and power supply units for servers and other equipment. These devices also feature high-speed operation and excellent operating characteristics under high temperature conditions. High-speed operation improves power conversion efficiency and downsizing.
*1 A feature whereby electricity is conducted only when voltage is applied to a gate
*2 A feature that restrains a phenomenon in which trapped electrons near the current path increase resistance when the device is operated with a high voltage

Panasonic SiC Power Device Features

By using Panasonic's unique DioMOS (Diode-integrated MOSFET) structure to add the freewheel diode function that is required by power sources and inverters to transistors, SiC-based modules can be downsized.


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    Panasonic booth image @ PCIM 2016

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    GaN-based inverter for motors (GaN application example)

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    GaN-based compact power supply units (GaN application example)

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