Feb 08, 2016

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Panasonic Donates Picture Books to Children in Malaysia through HEARTHEART Project


Putrajaya, Malaysia - In collaboration with the Ministry of Education (Malaysia), Panasonic will donate a total of 16,000 picture books to more than 7,700 primary schools in Malaysia under the HEARTHEART (activities to deliver the picture books to the children of the world) Project. The project is part of a global initiative by Nonprofit Organization XYZ (cross wise) to convey gratitude to countries all over the world for the support and assistance rendered during the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake. In addition, these picture books aim to inculcate values of respect and teamwork in the younger generation.

Titled "You are the only one, but never a lonely one", the picture book tells a story of an ant's friendship with various animals. The ant learns that while everyone on this Earth is unique, they can still work together harmoniously by respecting different personalities.

HEARTHEART Project has been supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. The picture books have now been translated into three languages- English, Japanese, and Bahasa Malaysia.

Founder, Nonprofit Organization XYZ (cross wise), Keiko Yokoi said, "When you write the word 'HEART' twice and place them side-by-side, the word 'EARTH' becomes visible. The message here is that when we combine our hearts, we can create positive experiences together on this Earth. Such is the power of words."

Hiroyuki Imizu, Deputy Managing Director, Panasonic Management Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., commented, "Societal contribution is one of Panasonic's business philosophies. We believe in creating a better life and a better world in the communities we serve. Through the sponsorship of HEARTHEART Project picture books, Panasonic hopes to encourage children to emulate the good values highlighted, such as the importance of mutual understanding, respect and teamwork. Also, we believe picture books can help promote good reading habits among the young and improve language skills."

Ministry of Education's Deputy Minister II, YB Senator Tuan Chong Sin Woon, said, "I believe everyone can contribute to improving the quality of our education system by giving constructive, creative and imaginative ideas. Efforts like the HEARTHEART Project is one such example where big corporations like Panasonic and non-government as well as non-profit organizations can come on board our national journey."

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Panasonic Donates Picture Books to Children in Malaysia through HEARTHEART Project

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