Apr 13, 2015

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Panasonic Business Showroom Showcases Solutions Tailored to Indonesian Market Needs

Jakarta, Indonesia - Panasonic officially opened its Panasonic Business Showroom Jakarta at Cawang on 2 April 2015. The 230 square meters showroom, located within the premise of Panasonic Gobel Indonesia, comprises of five experiential zones - Security Solution, Office Solution, Shop Solution, Energy Solution, and Air Conditioning System Solution. The facility is the first showcase of the company's full suite of business-to-business (B2B) solutions available in Indonesia.

Committed to strengthen the B2B portfolio in the country, Panasonic Group in Indonesia targets to double the number of employees working on business projects and partnerships in fiscal year 2015.

"With the opening of this Panasonic Business Showroom, we aim to enhance market visualization. Last year, we organized the Panasonic Solution Forum to showcase our innovative technologies and solutions. Today's B2B showroom opening brings us a step further by having our products and solutions available under one roof. In the B2B sphere, Panasonic hopes to work with our local business partners as an integrated solutions provider, particularly in the Developer, Government, Commercial, Hospitality, and Retail sectors," added Heru Santoso, Associate Director of Panasonic Gobel Indonesia.

In this showroom, Panasonic showcases several products, solutions and global projects, which include:

  1. Smart City Solution: Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town
  2. Surveillance System
  3. High Definition Visual Communications System
  4. Shop Solution
  5. Air Conditioner Line-up

Panasonic Group in Indonesia aims to achieve a 140% business growth in this fiscal year compared to the last in two focus areas of B2B business; system solutions and eco solutions. The company will focus on solidifying its B2B presence while at the same time, maintaining its market lead in the consumer space.

In addition, Panasonic deployed a new brand strategy, including a new brand architecture this month. Specifically, it will adopt new "Panasonic Business Brands" across five business fields and this showroom marks the first to use the business brand in the Asia Pacific region. This new business brands aim to strengthen Panasonic's brand images in the business sector, in addition to its consumer electronics brand image.

Panasonic Business Showroom Jakarta

Address: JL. Dewi Sartika No. 14, Cawang, Jakarta, 13630, Indonesia
Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 9:00 - 17:00
Telephone: +62 21 801 5710
Note: Please allow two business days for visit requests.

  • 00_Jakartashowroom.JPG

    Entrance of Panasonic Business Showroom Jakarta

  • 02_Jakartashowroom_energy.JPG

    Energy Solution

  • 03_Jakartashowroom_office.JPG

    Office Solution

  • 05_Jakartashowroom_security.JPG

    Security Solution

  • 06_Jakartashowroom_shop.JPG

    Shop Solution

  • 07_Jakartashowroom_aircon.JPG

    Air Conditioning System Solution

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