Feb 16, 2015

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Panasonic to make Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town Operational with its Partner Companies

  • Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town (Global)

Fujisawa, Japan - Panasonic Corporation, its partner companies and the city of Fujisawa have worked together to make Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town a reality. The city of Fujisawa in Kanagawa Prefecture is located approximately 50km west of Tokyo.

In April 2014, residents began to move in, and the town's core facility, Fujisawa SST SQUARE, which is serving as the main landmark of the town and a central communication base, opened in November. The Fujisawa SST has now moved forward from the "construction" phase to the "cultivate" phase. It has now become fully operational as an eco and smart town that holds people's lifestyles at the heart of town development. This video introduces views of families that live in this town, people who have helped build it, and reporters from overseas.

[Life in the smart town has now begun!]

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    View a new resident comments in the video

So what is it like to live in this state-of-the-art smart town?

"Our friends were amazed when we told them we live here."
"This town is a better environment for our children."
"We were a little worried in the beginning, but we love having opportunities to experience new things."
"We've become more eco-conscious."
"There are many security cameras, so I don't have to worry about my children."

Smiles of these town residents are a sign of their satisfaction with their new life and their expectations for the future.

[5 town services that support residents]

Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town holds people's lifestyles at the heart of its development. And as such, it provides 5 key services that enrich people lives - energy, security, mobility, healthcare, and community.

Energy services include Panasonic's cutting-edge technology including LED lighting, solar panels, storage batteries, and household fuel cell cogeneration systems or heat pump water heater equipped in each home. This not only promotes local generation and local consumption of energy, but with these solutions and excellent energy management, the town is aiming to reduce CO2 emissions by 70%. Moreover, these systems store backup energy resrves to last 3 days in case of emergencies.

For mobility, the town offers car and bicycle sharing services that feature EVs and electric power assisted bicycles.

And security solutions are helping people feel safe and secure.

The town will also offer comprehensive healthcare by seamlessly connecting various facilities. Furthermore, relationships with neighbors and the local community have weakened over time. So the town is also making efforts to provide opportunities for people to forge relationships with their neighbors by developing facilities and organizing events where people can naturally gather.

[Smart towns being developed across the world]

FujisawaSST's efforts to "develop sustainably for 100 years" are also drawing much attention from abroad. The video features reporters from abroad who talk about their impression of the town.

The ending shows Panasonic's commitment to contribute to the development of smart towns across the world by sharing efforts being made to create an innovative and sustainable home and town environment.

This video lets you experience Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town from different points of view - residents, people who help build the town, and reporters.

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    Solar panels are installed on each house's roof
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    Town portal site provides town information and services
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    Mobility Sharing Service
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    Events and workshops are held for resident

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