Feb 19, 2014

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Panasonic Supports Abu Dhabi University in First GCC Hybrid Electric Car Challenge 2014

In line with the efforts towards promoting sustainable use of resources aimed towards building a greener tomorrow for the next generations, Panasonic Marketing Middle East & Africa (PMMAF) - the regional headquarters for Panasonic in the region, supported Abu Dhabi University in its first GCC Hybrid Electric Car Challenge 2014.

  • 01-201402HybridCar.JPG
    Panasonic's sponsored Hybrid Electric Car all set for the race.

Organized by Global Education Energy Environment Organization, hosted by the Petroleum Institute and supported by the Emirates Foundation, the 2014 GCC Hybrid Electric Challenge was sponsored by TAQA (Abu Dhabi National Energy Company) and was held in Abu Dhabi at the Al Forsan International Sports Resort racetrack, from the 29th to 31st of January 2014.
As part of the challenge, student teams from reputed universities across the Gulf region, competed against each other with a hybrid electric car personally designed by them. Supporting the initiative, Panasonic joined hands with the highly potential Abu Dhabi University team in its bid to represent the emirate. A total of 11 teams from eight universities from countries across GCC like Oman, Qatar, Kuwait & UAE participated in the championship.

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"As an eco-engineering company, our commitment towards helping save energy is reflected in the many years we have spent refining our technology. With the world racing to an era where fuel shortages will have adverse impacts, it is imperative that we educate and engage in proactive solutions to protect our future. Coming from a global leader in high efficiency and innovative solar solutions, association with initiatives like this, not only reiterate our commitment further but also position us as a company that is keen to protect the environment and its people alike. Through our association with Abu Dhabi University we are able to support the mutual goal of protecting the environment while also providing opportunities for students to think and work towards a sustainable future", said Mr Shinichi Wakita, Managing Director, Panasonic Marketing Middle East & Africa.

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    Students giving final touches to the car before hitting the race track.
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    Panasonic sponsored Hybrid Electric Car on the race track.

Whilst the first day of the championship witnessed a race of battery-powered electrical cars on the Al Forsan racetrack, the team that recorded the longest distance and highest average speed won. On Day 2 the generator-powered electrical hybrid cars went bumper to bumper, and the team with the highest distance in the three hour endurance race won. Masdar University from UAE was nominated as the overall winner by averaging the scores of the two days.

"ADU Green Gears" - the Panasonic sponsored Abu Dhabi University team was appreciated for designing a safe car and was lauded with an award for "Team Safety".

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"Panasonic's sponsorships, global and regional are based on supporting a number of events and activities that resonate with the company's philosophy of contributing to society, either by providing cutting edge technology, or in this case supporting students to learn from activities that they enjoy doing most.," added Mr Anthony Peter, Director, Brand Communications, Panasonic Marketing Middle East & Africa.

Panasonic has been leading environmental initiatives tailored to support local communities and this association with Abu Dhabi University is a result of the ongoing scholarship programme initiated by the company for the welfare of the students. Panasonic has also been involved in sponsoring students engaged in Environmental Science Bachelor Degree program at Abu Dhabi University. So far nine students have graduated under this scholarship program which was initiated in 2011.

The company's pledge for the Middle East and Africa underscores its commitment to offer a green lifestyle to the people of the region, as well as pursuing a green business-style in its everyday business activities.

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