Mar 19, 2013

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Panasonic Gobel Indonesia Supporting Flood Victims in Indonesia

Seasonal rains and and high tides in Indonesia in the past two months have caused widespread flooding across much of Indonesia. Even within the city in Jakarta, many parts have been affected.

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Panasonic Gobel Indonesia (PGI) took immediate action and launched a 'We Care Program' which provided flood victims in the urban and surrounding area of Jakarta discounts for maintenance of Panasonic products damaged by the flooding. The program received widespread support and appraisal from both retailers and individual consumers.

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    Care Program Advertisement ended February 21 in the local Japanese newspaper, Jakarta Shimbun.
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    Panasonic Management Donations to Cawang District Received by Head of Cawang District

In additional to repair and maintenance of existing products, PGI also donated food supplies as well as 3,200 flashlight with 12,500 back-up battery, and three water purification systems to help flood victims with the basic necessities before the lifelines were restored.

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Panasonic Life Innovation Container Set Up to Help Indonesia Red Cross

PGI's cooperation with Indonesia Red Cross to donate two Life Innovation Containers two years ago to celebrate its 50th anniversary, has proved useful in helping the disaster areas cut off from electricity. Over a period in January, the Life Innovation Container provided electricity for lighting at night and charging mobile phones. The quick support and technology of the Life Innovation Containers received high commemoration from the Indonesia Red Cross and a special Certification of Appreciation was received from the President Muhammad Jusuf Kalla.

"This year, flooding struck Jakarta in almost every area. A lot of people were affected by this disaster, starting from low class, middle class, until upper class. For the upper class they can temporary stay at the hotel, but this is cannot happen for low class people. Therefore, Indonesia Red Cross prepared evacuation facility, temporary kitchen, and health aid for the recovery process." said Jusuf Kalla as representative of Indonesia Red Cross. "We thanked Panasonic for all the assistance and aid, it would be very beneficial for the flood victims."
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    Certification of Appreciation from Indonesia Red Cross
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    Mr Jusuf Kalla, President of Indonesia Red Cross Receives Donations at Indonesia Red Cross, Jakarta

While the flooding has receded in the city of Jakarta, Indonesia is still a country prone to heavy flooding. Aside from helping the country in the case of emergency, PGI will continue to contribute to society by raising awareness to the abnormal weather conditions brought about by global warming through its eco activities and promoting its eco-friendly consumer products and business solutions.

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