Dec 11, 2012

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Panasonic Risupia Vietnam Welcomes its 100,000 Visitor

Panasonic Risupia Vietnam which opened its doors on September 9, 2010, only just two years ago, has welcomed passed its 100,000th count today on December 11, 2012!

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    The Commemorative 100,000th Visitors Actually Totaled 128 Students from Nguyen Kha Trac Primary school of the Cau Giay district in Hanoi, Vietnam

Since its opening, Panasonic Risupia Vietnam has received high appreciation from the Vietnamese government, local communities, schools and media for its contribution to the prosperity of the country through its eco and educational activities. It has since become the major function to enhance Panasonic brand value in Vietnam.

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    A Variety of Collaborative Workshops Under Panasonic's Eco Kids School Program
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    Visitors Enjoy the Weekend Workshops

After its second anniversary this year, in addition to full support by the Hanoi Department of Education and Training from the Ministry of Education and Training, Panasonic Risupia Vietnam has enhanced the partnership collaboration with the UNESCO Hanoi Office for mutual activities to support children in Vietnam with the establishment of programs such as the UNESCO World Heritage Eco Learning Program and Global Eco Picture Diary Contest, 'World Heritage in your hand' art contest. With an expansion of contribution activities about the environment and education, teachers and parents have given the below comments:

"Panasonic Risupia Vietnam is not only an interesting & fun center for children, but also an educational playground to stimulate the young generation's creativity by attractive events, variety of science workshops and global eco learning lectures."
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    An Increasing Number of Visitors Annually

Receiving intensive support from media including TV station on its programs, the awareness of the center has been increasing continuously, and rising number of visitors over 20% against the first year of its opening is a sign of this. The center's strong role in educating the next generation is also evident; of the 100,000 visitors more than 46,000 are students, from over 145 primary schools.

Panasonic Risupia Vietnam will continue to enhance brand value in Vietnam by supporting next generations and contribution for environment through many interesting events/program in Environment and Science.

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