Nov 09, 2012

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Panasonic Launches 'eco ideas' Factory in Vietnam to Cement Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

On the 16th of October 2012, Panasonic Vietnam Group (which comprises of three companies, Panasonic Vietnam, Panasonic System Networks Vietnam, and Panasonic Industrial Devices Vietnam) has launched Thang Long Industrial Park I as the first model 'eco ideas' Factory in Vietnam.

In line with Panasonic's vision of becoming the No. 1 Green Innovation Company in the electronics industry by 2018, the manufacturing site serves as a model factory and effectively integrates environmental contributions with business growth.

  • 01_EcoIdeas_Factory_Vietnam.jpg
    Overview of eco ideas Factory

Here's an exclusive report from Vietnam by our very own Panasonic News Portal reporter, Fizzah.

Environment and education form the pillars of the 'eco ideas' Factory. The factory has set its benchmark for the reduction of CO2 emission, waste generation and chemical substance use in manufacturing facilities, as well as the enhancement of recycling activities. It will also roll out various environmental protection activities and educational programmes, targeted mainly at youths, which seek to heighten the community's awareness on eco lifestyle. What better way to create an environmentally sustainable future than by moulding the next generation of environmental champions!

  • 02_EcoIdeas_Factory_Vietnam.jpg
    Mr. Shinichi Wakita, General Director, Panasonic Vietnam Group on Significance of 'eco ideas' Factory Establishment in the Country
  • 03_EcoIdeas_Factory_Vietnam.jpg
    Mr. Yorihisa Shiokawa, Managing Director, Panasonic Asia Pacific Supporting 'eco ideas' Factory in Line with Panasonic's Vision of Becoming the No.1 Green Innovation Company in the Electronics Industry by 2018

At the launch, Panasonic Vietnam Group organized factory tours for guests and students. These tours enabled them to visualise and understand actual green manufacturing processes of the factory. In addition, an engaging eco learning session was conducted for the students to better their understanding of global climate change and highlight the need for responsive actions.

  • 04_EcoIdeas_Factory_Vietnam.jpg
    Factory Tour Explaining Green Manufacturing Processes, with Mr. Nguyen Xuan Linh, Vice Chairman of Hanoi Industrial and Export Processing Zones Authority
  • 05_EcoIdeas_Factory_Vietnam.jpg
    First Eco Learning Session Conducted for Students

The 'eco ideas' Factory targets a 5.6% CO2 emission reduction per unit production by March 2013 as compared to that in March 2012. It will continue to expand its corporate citizenship activities to incite environmental awareness amongst Vietnam's younger generation, through educational activities such as Kid Witness News, Eco Picture Diary contest and Panasonic Eco Learning Programme.  The factory will look at increasing the participation of their educational programmes to 12,000 students by March 2014.

So let's put 'eco ideas' into action and pave the way for a better environment for generations to come!

  • 06_EcoIdeas_Factory_Vietnam.jpg
    (L to R)
    - Mr. Nguyen Xuan Linh, Vice Chairman of Hanoi Industrial and Export Processing Zones Authority
    - Mr. Nakasano Kenji - General Director - Panasonic System Networks Vietnam
    - Mr. Shinichi Wakita, General Director, Panasonic Vietnam Group
    - Mr. Sadano Masanori - General Director - Panasonic Industrial Devices Vietnam
    - Mr. Yorihisa Shiokawa, Managing Director, Panasonic Asia Pacific

Reported by Nguyen Ngoc Thuy, Contributor from Panasonic Vietnam Co., Ltd.

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