Oct 11, 2012

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Panasonic Taiwan Celebrates its 50th Anniversary

Panasonic Taiwan (PTW) reaches its 50th Anniversary this year, and to commend the special occasion, the company held a commemorative ceremony on September 26, 2012 at the Dr. Sun-Yat-sen National Memorial Hall in Taipei City, Taiwan.

  • 01_PTW_50TH.jpg
    Commemorative Ceremony in Taipei City, Taiwan

PTW was the second overseas manufacturing company set up by Panasonic Corporation, after Thailand. Along with a total of 2000 Panasonic Taiwan employees and Panasonic officials such as Panasonic Chairman Fumio Ohtsubo, Regional Head for China and Northeast Asia Hidetoshi Osawa, PTW Chairman Hong Minhong, PTW President Akihiro Nakatani, Mr. Shīyán Xiág, Minister for Economic Affairs of Taiwan and Mr. Le Fuichin, Chief of Economic Development for New Taipei City were present at the ceremony.

  • 02_PTW_50TH.jpg
    Panasonic Chairman Fumio Ohtsubo Offers His Congratulations

At the opening of the ceremony, Mr. Ohtsubo gave a speech offering his congratulations saying, "Matsushita Electric (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. was called TAMACO in our company, and as it has been classed as 'special' among our overseas manufacturing companies. The company has been the ultimate model of Panasonic's overseas manufacturing companies. TAMACO has been an exceptional company that has had not only an unrivalled level of manufacturing competitiveness which is the most important thing in the manufacturing industry -- such as product competitiveness, quality competitiveness, and cost competitiveness -- but also the flexibility to respond to changes in the business operating environment at the same time."

"Now at the stage of facing a major turning point, I hope that Panasonic Taiwan will show their new face as a Green Innovation Company that will be classed as special in the world once again by the Panasonic Group, through carrying on the good traditions of TAMACO and responding promptly to changes in the times, to provide products and services which make customers happy. I look forward to Panasonic Taiwan redoubling their efforts and doing wonderful work for next 50 years."

  • 03_PTW_50TH.jpg
    PTW Founder Hong Chienchuan, (left) and Founder Konosuke Matsushita (May 1956)
  • 04_PTW_50TH.jpg
    TAMACO shortly after establishment(1962)
  • 05_PTW_50TH.jpg
    Panasonic Chairman Fumio Ohtsubo Joins in a Memorial Tree Planting Ceremony

PTW is making positive efforts toward social contributions in order to express its gratitude to the long-standing faithful Taiwanese customers. The Panasonic Scholarship supports one additional scholarship student, who majors in environmental studies, this year to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of PTW, and the company has planted trees on a 10.5 hectare block of land and named it "Panasonic Forest" in order to practice the "Eco Ideas Declaration in Taiwan" which was announced last year. PTW also carries out beach clean-up activities on the northern coast, and the beach is now nicknamed "Panasonic Beach."

History of Panasonic Taiwan
PTW was established in 1962. When the Matsushita Electric (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. was first established, they started by manufacturing just three products: radios, record players, and speakers. Based on the accumulation of 50 years research and development, now, PTW is manufacturing a wide range of products such as appliances, digital audiovisuals, automotive electronics, devices, and motors.

  • 06_PTW_50TH.jpg
    External appearance of TAMACO in 1970s
  • 07_PTW_50TH.jpg
    Air-conditioner product lines in 1973
  • 08_PTW_50TH.jpg
    PTW Founder Hong (right) speaking with Konosuke Matsushita at the PC Head Office in 1984
  • 09_PTW_50TH.jpg
    PTW Chairman Ichikawa shaking hands with the President of Taiwan, Lee Tenghui (left) at a commendation for receiving the Environmental Conservation Award for the second time.

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