Oct 08, 2012

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Panasonic Releases iPad Tangram Game to Promote Mathematics Education

Panasonic released a mathematical game for iPad called "Panasonic Doki Doki Tangram." The app is designed to improve the user's geometric, and visual-spatial processing abilities while playing the game.

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    Title Screen Shot of Panasonic Doki Doki Tangram

The game was created as a means of introducing children all over the world to the concepts of the hands-on museum, RiSuPia, which Panasonic operates in Ariake, Tokyo, and in Hanoi, Vietnam. RiSuPia is designed to stimulate interest in science and mathematics through a variety of fascinating and enjoyable interactive activities for children. "Panasonic Doki Doki Tangram" was developed from "Big Tangram,"one of Tokyo RiSuPia's most popular exhibits.

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    Top Page
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Overview of "Panasonic Doki Doki Tangram"

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    Game Screen

The tip of the finger is used to move, rotate, and flip the puzzle pieces to complete a wide variety of silhouettes. Each silhouette must be completed within a set time limit. If the silhouette is not completed within the allotted amount of time, the pieces are scattered and the player must start again. The time limits change with the level of difficulty. The levels can be set at will before, or at any time during play. The game is comprised of five different puzzles with several silhouettes each, totaling more than 40 problems to be solved at each level.

Application Specifications

  • Price : Free
  • Category : Games
  • Updated : September 26, 2012
  • Size : 29.9 MB
  • Operating environment : Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
  • Languages : English, Japanese

This is the second iPad app to be developed from the RiSuPia Discovery Floor exhibits. The first iPad app, "Panasonic Prime Smash!" was released in May, 2011, and has proven to be extremely popular with more than 32,000 downloads at the time of this release. In addition, it was selected as a Jury Selection in the 15th Media Arts Festival, sponsored by the Agency for Cultural Affairs.
For more details of "Panasonic Prime Smash!":

Panasonic hopes that children all over the world will enjoy this game with their friends, teachers and parents, and will develop an interest in geometric figures, and eventually, in the world of mathematics.

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