Jun 27, 2012

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Panasonic Business Reports 2012 - Now Available

Panasonic's various business reports featuring CSR efforts, environmental activities and corporate citizenship activities by the company have been published and are now available online. These reports detail the efforts of the Panasonic Group in the fiscal year 2012 ended in March 31, 2012.
- Reports: http://panasonic.net/reports

Sustainability Report 2012

This report details the major corporate social responsibility (CSR) events and efforts of the company and is the first report published after the new organization started. In line with the ISO26000 global CSR standard, it has been reporting in detail Panasonic's efforts for the resolution of social issues through its business, products and a variety of concrete initiatives.

'eco ideas' Report 2012

* Now available in Japanese. English will be available in early August.
This is a comprehensive report of Panasonic's environmental activities. The report details the environmental activities from both sides, its "business activities" and its "product approach" which are promoted in various areas around the world, all with a united goal of aiming to become "the No.1 Green Innovation Company in the Electronics Industry" by 2018 as its 100th anniversary. In the homepage, Panasonic has also disclosed more detailed data.

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'eco ideas' Report 2012 (PDF: 5.1MB/Japanese) * English will be available in early August.

Corporate Citizenship Leaflet 2012

This is a leaflet about Panasonic's corporate citizenship activities that aims to share the causes it is promoting in greater detail with its stakeholders. Through the categories of "resolution of social issues in emerging and developing countries", "support[ing] the development of the next generation" and" global citizenship activity by employees", it has introduced Panasonic's attitude aims to be "the No.1 Green Innovation Company in the Electronics Industry" by 2018, from the viewpoint of corporate citizenship actions. This leaflet has been widely distributed at exhibitions and showroom in addition to officials and government agencies and NGO/NPO.

* Annual Report 2012, our annual financial report will be issued in August.

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