Jun 19, 2012

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Panasonic Displays its Energy Solutions for Europe at Intersolar 2012

From June 13th to 15th, Panasonic participated in Intersolar Europe 2012, the largest solar exhibition in the world, presenting its solutions for energy creation and storage for Europe.

  • 01 panasonic booth.JPG
    Panasonic's Energy Solutions at Intersolar Europe 2012

Held at the New Munich Trade Fair Centre in Germany, the exhibition is a major event in the energy calendar, bringing companies from all over the world together and displaying the latest solar and energy related products, technologies and services. This year saw approximately 2,000 companies and about 66,000 visitors participating in the event.

  • Video Report on Panasonic at Intersolar 2012

Recently in Germany and other countries in Europe, governments have been making changes to energy policy, with purchase prices for solar power cut in order to control the expansion of solar installations, which they fear could be causing instability in the grid. While putting a dent in the sales of PV systems, these cuts are expected to dramatically increase demand for systems that allow customers to maximize the self-consumption of power generated through their own PV systems. At this year's Intersolar, Panasonic exhibited its technologies for energy creation and storage that aim to provide a solution for the self-consumption of energy.

  • 02 battery storage system.JPG
    Smart Energy Storage System for both Residential and Industrial Applications
  • 03 power storage display.JPG
    Outline of Energy Creation-Storage Linked System at the booth

On display at the booth were the company's Smart Energy Storage modules, the first lithium-ion storage batteries already in industrial-scale supply on the European market. These scalable energy storage systems are suitable for a wide range of applications, from residential systems to large scale utility storage systems. The system is comprised of a battery management system, which provides information on the status of the battery, and high capacity lithium-ion battery modules. The battery storage system stores excess energy generated by the solar modules, which can then be used at a later time when needed, helping to increase the self-consumption of energy, but they can also be used to support grid stabilization in remote areas.

These lithium-ion battery modules are currently being used in the S10 household storage system developed by the German engineering firm E3/DC, and in the Siemens energy storage container to provide grid support and peak shaving for industrial facilities.

  • 04 hit displays.JPG
    Panasonic's Wide Range of HIT Solar Modules on Display at the Booth

In addition, on display were Panasonic's HIT solar modules, highly appraised for their high conversion efficiency, good temperature characteristics and high reliability. At the booth, visitors could see the company's wide range of solar modules, including the HIT N240, the company's most efficient solar module to date, as well as the newly announced black back sheet HIT modules, which offer an aesthetic all-black alternative to conventional solar modules, on sale in Europe from June.

With its highly appraised HIT solar modules and its expertise in battery storage systems, Panasonic is aiming to provide energy solutions that will help maximize self consumption of energy, reducing the dependence on grid power and further promote the adoption of green energy.

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