Jun 12, 2012

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Panasonic Exhibits its Advanced Housing Solutions at Kitchen and Bath China 2012

From May 23 to 26, Panasonic participated in this year's Kitchen and Bath China Fair, displaying its advanced housing and lifestyle solutions for the Chinese market.

  • 01 booth.JPG
    The Main Stand at the Panasonic Booth, Displaying the "Smart - Beautiful - Healthy" Slogan

The Kitchen and Bath China exhibition is one of the largest trade shows for household equipment, with over 9,000*1 companies exhibiting and more than 120,000*2 visitors to the event over the 4 day period.

  • About Panasonic's Plans in the Housing and Construction Materials Market in China
  • About Panasonic's Booth at Kitchen and Bath China 2012
  • 02 kitchen bath living areas.JPG
    Solutions for Each Part of the Home on Display at the Booth

At this year's fair, held at the Shanghai International Expo Center, Panasonic presented its wide range of products for the housing equipment and construction materials markets, ranging from LED lighting, building materials as well as electrical equipment and the company's Home Energy Management System (HEMS), which visualizes energy usage and CO2 emissions and allows the easy control of air conditioning, water boilers and other equipment.

  • 03 example home.JPG
    An Example of Panasonic's Lifestyle Solutions for the Home

Under the slogan of "Smart - Beautiful - Healthy", Panasonic exhibited its proposals for comprehensive advanced lifestyle solutions for the Chinese market. Panasonic's booth was organized into different sections representing each part of the household, with areas focused on solutions for kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms and other living spaces.

In China, apartment blocks are the main type of housing. These apartments are usually sold as "skeletons", where the customer contracts a builder to build the rooms to their own independent design. However this style of construction faces a number of problems, such as differences in the levels of workmanship of the builders, delays in completion and noise.

Here, Panasonic will use its know-how and experience in housing equipment and construction materials gathered through its long history in the business in Japan to offer new and advanced comprehensive housing solutions for the Chinese market.

About Panasonic in the Chinese Housing Equipment and Construction Materials Businesses
Panasonic has a long history in the Chinese housing equipment and construction materials businesses, starting with the establishment of Shanghai Matsushita Electric Works, a manufacturing company, in 1996. From then on, the company's operations have continued to grow, with a number of companies being established in the region. From FY2012, the company is intending to make a full-scale entry into the housing equipment and construction market and expand its business and sales channels in the region.

*1 Estimates from the organizers for the number of participating companies
*2 Estimates from the organizers for the total number of visitors to the event

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