Opening of the Munich Technical Center by Panasonic Factory Solutions Europe

Dec 09, 2016

Munich, Germany - On September 20, 2016, Panasonic Factory Solutions Europe opened its newly established Technical Center close to the Panasonic office near Munich.

Panasonic founded the FA division in Europe in the mid-1979 with German customers and then expanded its sales and services all over Europe, Turkey and Africa.

Since June 2016, customer training and machine demonstrations have been taking place in this location, which consists of several rooms for machine and software training and a machine demonstration area for customers. The Technical Center is equipped with screen printers and mounting machines from Panasonic as well as complementary equipment from partner companies.

However, the Technical Center was not just established simply to display machines and hold training sessions. It is regarded as a "hotspot" which represents a central location for Panasonic customers and partners by providing access to all Panasonic's services related to Factory Automation and by connecting all together with innovative solutions for the factories of tomorrow.

In the Technical Center, customers have the opportunity to see and experience the following equipment and services.

  • SMT machines equipped with the latest technology, either as a stand-alone or an in-line-solution
  • Panasonic's 'Smart Factory' solution - Panasonic SMT machines and third-party equipment as a complete production line fully controlled by PanaCIM(R), Panasonic's unique software solution for total production management
  • Training on the machines and equipment for maintenance
  • Training sessions and demonstrations of PanaCIM(R)
  • Panasonic high-end services

The Panasonic Factory Solutions Europe is looking forward to welcoming customers and visitors to the new FA Hotspot to show, train and demonstrate Panasonic's outstanding production equipment to fulfil their production needs and requirements.

"Technology Days" at Panasonic Factory Solutions Europe

Panasonic held its "Technology Days" event in their new Technical Center, the "Hotspot," from September 21 to 23, 2016.


A full production line

Customers had the opportunity to view a full production line including equipment from partner companies, such as Viscom (SPI), KohYoung (AOI), Asys (conveyor and stacker) and Essemtec (Material Tower). Alongside the production line, the recently introduced NPM-VF for SMT placement and odd-shaped component insertion and placement as well as the modular placement machine NPM-W2 were shown as stand-alone solutions.


Software area (left), production line (center) and NPM-W2 with Asys stacker.


Software area showing PanaCIM(R), Navigator, Pana PULS - the remote service application by Panasonic and ASYS Puls.

During Technology Days, interested visitors were provided with information and given a chance to take part in discussions on the following subjects:

A. "Smart Factory" solutions including live demos

  1. Remote control + APC FF / FB with Viscom & KohYoung
  2. 0250125 live component placement + high-speed force-control system
  3. PULS connection

B. Proposal on high-mixes across multiple lines

  1. Panasonic's flexible dual-lane concept
  2. Ideas for labour reduction
  3. Changeover: prep - setup - changeover - 1st board quality - maintenance

C. Proposal for reducing of manual insertion

  1. Printing process including PIP
  2. Odd-form placement and insertion
  3. Third-party feeder integration

Live demonstration of production line

Visitors showed great interest in Panasonic's "Smart Factory" solution. SMT machines were placed in line with SPI of Viscom and AOI by KohYoung. All of the equipment was linked using the Asys conveyor and stocker. PanaCIM(R) took on full control of the line.

Panasonic "Smart Factory" solution

Panasonic's solutions for what is currently the most discussed topic in the industrial world - Industry 4.0

Miniaturization of SMT components

  • Miniaturization continues as functionality demands increase.
  • Continued reduction in size and weight of passive chip components.
  • Driven by the increased use of modules in ultra-portable mobile and wearable devices.

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    Panasonic Factory Solutions Europe opened its newly established Technical Center

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    Mr. Hiroyuki Aota, Vice President, Panasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems Company (middle), Mr. Johannes Spatz, Executive Vice President, Panasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems Europe (right), and Mr. Hiroyuki Nagai, President of Panasonic Factory Solutions Europe (left) at the opening ceremony

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    The history of Panasonic FA from its beginnings in the 1960s up to today is displayed in the Technical Center.

  • 283px

    Technical Center is regarded as a "hotspot"

  • 283px

    A full production line including equipment from partner companies

  • 283px

    Panasonic SMT machines equipped with the latest technology

  • 283px

    Live demonstration of production line

  • 283px

    Panasonic "Smart Factory" solution

  • 283px

    Miniaturization of SMT components

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