Nov 14, 2023

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Panasonic Connect Contributes to Building Attraction at Chaos Karts, Manchester, UK’s First* Immersive Space and Interactive Entertainment Facility

Tokyo, JapanPanasonic Connect Co., Ltd. announced that it has provided support for Little Lion Entertainment’s immersive space and interactive entertainment facility “Chaos Karts,” which opened on August 31, 2023, as a technology partner, providing support from the planning and design stages for the attraction, an immersive space and interactive entertainment facility by Little Lion Entertainment, Inc. A total of 24 Panasonic PT-MZ17KL, PT-MZ14KL and PT-MZ11KL LCD projectors were used for the event.

Panasonic Connect’s Commitment to Immersive Production in the Gamification Market

The gamification market has been expanding worldwide in recent years, and the need for a new form of entertainment in which images are projected on walls, floors, and other surfaces to enjoy an immersive space and interactivity is rapidly increasing. To create immersive spaces, there is a great need for professional projectors, which are the imaging equipment, to project bright, high-definition images, as well as to be designed to be safe and secure to minimize image problems during the event. Panasonic projectors have supported many entertainment venues not only in Japan but also overseas with their high light output and color reproducibility that are unique to professional use, as well as their highly reliable original dustproof structure. Utilizing its knowledge and expertise, the company is supporting the UK’s first* fully immersive event from the planning stage. The company plans to expand its business worldwide, including London and Dubai.

Panasonic Connect will continue to provide the digital market with the best experiences with overwhelming visual beauty and immersive sensation brought by Panasonic Connect’s video solutions.

*Based on the announcement by Little Lion Entertainment on March 10, 2023

About Chaos Karts

Chaos Karts is created, run by, and the property of The Ents Inc. Chaos Karts is an all-new experience that combines the worlds of go-karts and video games, using state-of-the-art technology to create a real-life racing experience. The experience takes gaming to the next level by bringing it into the physical world and immersing players within it. The attraction will be open to all those over the age of 11 years old, and over the height of 153cm. Height restrictions apply to ensure the safe operation of the karts. The first UK site is opening in Manchester, but Chaos Karts has national and global expansion plans.

About The Ents Inc

The Ents Inc is a new, innovative company blending the worlds of leisure, technology, and video games.

About the Installation of PT-MZ20K Series (PT-MZ17KL / PT-MZ14KL / PT-MZ11KL)

Laser LCD projector that reduces troubles and effort with its highly reliable body and excellent system performance.

About the projector PT-MZ20K Series

PT-MZ20K Series | Projector | Panasonic Global

(Product model number may varies depending on the country)

Panasonic Connect projector line up

Projector | Panasonic Global


Panasonic Connect Co., Ltd., Public Relations

About Panasonic Connect

Panasonic Connect Co., Ltd. was established on April 1, 2022 as part of the Panasonic Group’s switch to an operating company system. With roughly 29,500 employees worldwide and annual sales of JPY1,125.7 billion the company plays a central role in the growth of the Panasonic Group’s B2B solutions business and provides new value to its customers by combining advanced hardware, intelligent software solutions, and a wealth of knowledge in industrial engineering accumulated in its over 100-year history. The company’s purpose is to “Change Work, Advance Society, Connect to Tomorrow.” By driving innovation in the supply chain, public services, infrastructure, and entertainment sectors, Panasonic Connect aims to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society and to ensure well-being for all.

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