Mar 03, 2023

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Panasonic and Snow Peak USA Partner to Reintegrate Nature into Our Lives

Panasonic’s Future Life Factory taps Snow Peak’s expertise to explore the relationship between humans and nature.

Tokyo, Japan – FUTURE LIFE FACTORY (hereinafter FLF), a design division of Panasonic Corporation is pleased to announce a collaboration project with Snow Peak USA (Below: Snow Peak), a Japanese camping brand, exploring the theme of Noasobi, or “playing with nature” as it develops new products intended to deepen our society’s connection to nature, titled “Future Life with Noasobi.” The end goal of the partnership is to bring new technologies to consumers as a way to deepen our connection to nature. FLF and Snow Peak are inviting the public to test prototype products through a workshop taking place March 17–19 at Snow Peak Brooklyn. Individuals will have the opportunity to take part in immersive experiences melding the digital and natural worlds. 

FLF is a studio in Panasonic’s Design Center specializing in cutting-edge development, rethinking what it means to live well in the future. The studio explores new types of businesses, taking a creative approach based on human values and social issues.

Noasobi which is a concept of Snow Peak literally translates to “playing in the field,” but it illustrates a broader picture of the joy experienced in nature. Noasobi is the peaceful feeling of waking up with the sunshine on your face. It’s sharing a beer with friends as you swap stories. It’s a child’s excitement at seeing their first shooting star.

FLF and Snow Peak began a collaborative partnership in 2022, with numerous listening and innovation sessions taking place for about a year at Snow Peak HQ in Japan, in Portland and soon in New York City. The end goal of the partnership is to bring new technologies to consumers as a way to deepen our connection to nature.
This event is aimed at looking at the future by collaborating with Snow Peak in relation to global environmental issues.

With the belief that strengthening the connection between people and to nature as part of the solution to today’s environmental issues, we propose a future lifestyle in which people can enjoy the rich nature through new and unique experiences that are as a result of this collaboration.

Snow Peak USA×FUTURE LIFE FACTORY by Panasonic Design “Future Life with Noasobi”

Date and time: March 17, 2023, 15:00–17:00 / March 18 to 19, 2023, 12:00–18:00 
Venue: Snow Peak Brooklyn (76 N 6th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249)
Event site:
Concept site:

*Events are by appointment only. Please visit this site.

About the exhibition

Inspired by Snow Peak’s “Noasobi” business concept and product development know-how, we devised a tool to update and reconnect the relationship between people and nature through technology. We invite you to experience various suggestions to deepen the connection between people and nature.

Photo: Prototype example “NARABERU” – arrange

Prototype example “NARABERU” – arrange

Photo: Prototype example “SASU” – point

Prototype example “SASU” – point

Snow Peak USA

Founded in Japan in 1958, Snow Peak has been serving customers in the USA for more than 20 years, with a mission to unite people and alleviate the stresses of modern life through time gathering outside. Its Japanese-designed, lifetime-guaranteed outdoor goods serve as a catalyst for restorative experiences in nature. Focused on bringing people together, Snow Peak operates immersive retail locations in Portland and New York City, as well as a Portland restaurant, Takibi, a PNW izakaya that brings to life the brand’s belief that time spent sharing food and drink by the fire is the best way to connect with one another.


FUTURE LIFE FACTORY is a Panasonic design studio that asks and embodies the question, “What will living well in the future?” We are asking the world about the seeds of new businesses and our vision for the future of life by thinking outside the conventional wisdom.

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