Aug 05, 2021

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Making a Last Spurt Towards the Final Presentation

The Olympic Games have begun in Tokyo, where the fourth state of emergency was announced. There is no big cheer at each venue, but the athletes believe in themselves and quietly burn their passionate fighting spirit. We experience the excitement and passion of sports every day through the video and audio.

Unfortunately, SPORTS CHANGE MAKERS project decided to hold the final presentation on August 23 in Tokyo without spectators. Furthermore, due to travel restrictions, it is not possible for regional representatives to gather in Tokyo and present their ideas in front of a large audience.

But no one should be discouraged. Representative students are waiting for the day to show their ideas that have been realized over a year and half. They are making the final push, such as practicing presentations and producing demos. Yes, we have less than a month left until the final presentation.

Photo: representative students making a last spurt towards the final presentation

Experts from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), who are supporting with SPORTS CHANGE MAKERS project, will participate in the final presentation and give advices on ideas presented by representatives of each country. In addition, the executive office is negotiating with celebrities in various fields to attend the event as advisors and preparing for live streaming over the world toward August 23.

At the final presentation, what kind of ideas will be presented by SPORTS CHANGE MAKERS, and what kind of interaction and communication will be taken by celebrities and youth generations? We will announce details of the final presentation soon. Stay tuned. Do not miss it!

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