May 20, 2021

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Introduction: Joshua Santiago, Regional Representative for USA

Joshua Santiago is a sophomore at the California State University of Northridge. He has interest in mechanical engineering and aims to change the world by innovating technologies to improve the livelihood of mankind. Below is our interview with Joshua Santiago, the regional representative for USA in the SPORTS CHANGE MAKERS program.

I like discovering new music and watching documentaries about nature and the different types of species that live or have lived on this Earth. I also am very interested in our galaxy.

My skills are that I can learn very quickly, am not scared of anything, really (I can say that now), and that I am good in math and science.

I always get the job done, even if it's last minute (laughs). I lose motivation if I am the only one putting in effort. I am very passionate about work or projects if others are also. I also tend to lead.

My strengths are that I can lead, am friendly, know how to incorporate everyone's ideas, and am not afraid of conflict.

My dream is to have a wife and kids, be successful in my industry, and buy and rent houses.

College Life
It is straightforward--you wake up, do what you have to do, and study when you need. It's nice and relaxing--something to keep me busy--and I enjoy it. The only thing is, I have to wake up at 4am because I live so far away that I barely get any sleep.

Why did you participate in the SPORTS CHANGE MAKERS competition?
It was a good opportunity to join something greater than myself. To help those who can't quite enjoy the activities we do.

How did you feel when you were selected as the regional representative?
Beyond shock or excitement, I saw it as another opportunity to create a product to help and benefit others. I saw it as an opportunity to help myself and achieve my main mission in life, which is to use technology to help others.

Message to your teammates
To all of them, please try and get more involved with this project, I would like help on the upcoming slides.

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