May 18, 2021

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Introduction: Justin Anderson, Regional Representative for USA

Justin Anderson, a senior studying criminal justice at the California State University of Northridge, is interested in doing something that is bigger than himself. This includes being in the military for eight years, protecting the country he lives in, to one day becoming a police officer with Los Angeles Police Department to protect his own backyard from harm. His hobbies include rock climbing, hiking, construction, furniture making, and camping. His qualities include being a hard worker, trustworthy, loyal, honest, respectful, technologically-inclined, and dedication to whatever he sets his mind to. He loves his family, friends, and relatives; they are the driving force in his life. They encourage him to be the best version of himself. Below is our interview with Justin Anderson, the regional representative for USA in the SPORTS CHANGE MAKERS program.

Strong-willed, dedicated, enthusiastic, self-motivated, team player, detail oriented, attentive.

My dream is to become a homicide detective/K9 handler with the Los Angeles Police Department and to become the best rock climber that I can be. I want to climb everywhere I can. My dream is to become the police officer that everybody knows they can trust, respect, and come to, when they need help and assistance with something.

College Life
It's been an adventure managing the workload and deadlines of my classes each semester, and just learning as much as I can from my professors. It's been rough the past couple of months with the COVID-19 pandemic, which has switched all our classes online. Other than that, the college life has been as amazing as it can be. I am doing what I can to stay busy with school and business, so there is never a dull moment. It has also been amazing realizing just how passionate I am about what I am studying, knowing that it is what I want to do with my life after graduating college.

Why did you participate in the SPORTS CHANGE MAKERS competition?
It was through the Japanese class my teammates and I took together that we learned of the opportunity to participate in SPORTS CHANGE MAKERS. We wanted to travel to Tokyo 2020 Games and Japan, so we worked hard to make that happen. It's been a long road for us as a team, but we worked through it together. For me, the goal--like I said earlier--is to always do something that is bigger than myself, so I aimed to make a difference for people with impairments that go to the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

How did you feel when you were selected as the regional representative?
Excited, amazed, stressed, overjoyed, and just shocked that we won a chance to show off our project to the world and could compete with some of the smartest students from around the world. It feels surreal that only a few months ago, this didn't seem possible.

Message to your teammates
Let us do the best that we can when we present our idea in Tokyo--we can still win this thing! We have a real shot at making the best prototype out of all the teams.

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