Apr 10, 2021

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Vision Statement from the Regional Representatives for China

The barrier that the finalists from China have selected to overcome is "the lack of cross-cultural communication." In a video message sent to the "SPORTS CHANGE MAKERS Preliminary Event in Mirror Field" held on March 9, 2021, they explained that they would like to connect the world by promoting intercultural communication between the citizens of the host country and overseas countries. We introduce the video and full text of the regional representatives for China below.

Hi everyone. This is regional representatives of SPORTS CHANGE MAKERS project, Team China. There are three colleagues in our team including myself. My name is Lin Xueer, and I will speak for our team today. I'm currently doing a Master's project at New York University, specializing in Public Relations and Corporate Communications. My other two colleagues are Hu Yue and Xiang Danrui. They are in their senior year of college at Beijing Technology and Business University, majoring in Advertising. We are very honored to be in this wonderful project, and we hope that we can make something truly meaningful to our society together.

Through this project, we wish to address the barriers between different languages and difficulties between cross-cultural communications. Olympic Games and Paralympic Games have always created great opportunities for cross-cultural communications; however, the language barrier can be one of the main reasons for such opportunities to go underutilized. So we wish to figure out a way to not only solve the language problem, allowing people to communicate more easily, but also make people more willing to do so by creating great memories for everybody.

Our target audiences would be foreigners who want to experience the authentic culture of the host country and the locals who want to communicate with the foreign tourists more often. We sincerely hope that our idea can help boost the cross-culture communications, can allow a more diverse, worldwide culture together in the host country, and then to link the world.

We are so excited for the presentation in August, and look very much forward to meeting everybody in any possible way. And from the bottom of our hearts, we hope that we can bring a lovely surprise by presenting our ideas.

See you then!

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