Apr 02, 2021

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Video Message from the International Olympic Committee (IOC)

"Working with Panasonic on initiatives such as the SPORTS CHANGE MAKERS project is a great example of how our shared values enable us to go beyond the Games and collaborate in innovative ways to contribute to society." In a video message sent to the "SPORTS CHANGE MAKERS Preliminary Event in Mirror Field" held on March 9, 2021, Timo Lumme, Managing Director of the IOC Television and Marketing Services of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and project collaborator explained that. We introduce the video and full text of the message from Timo.

Hello everyone. My name is Timo Lumme, and I'm the Managing Director of the IOC's Television and Marketing Division. I'm pleased to have been invited by Panasonic to provide a video message for the SPORTS CHANGE MAKERS event.

In these unprecedented times when sport, along with every other area of our lives, has been turned upside down, it's encouraging to see young people using the power of technology to help break down barriers within society to make sport more accessible to everyone and to contribute to the recovery from the global coronavirus crisis.

At the International Olympic Committee, we're very proud to be supporting Panasonic's innovative SPORTS CHANGE MAKERS project, and we look forward to learning more about the exciting ideas that the students have been working on.

The goal of this project is very much in line with the core mission of the IOC to use sport to make a better and more peaceful world. Olympic Partners including Panasonic are vital in achieving these goals, and we are incredibly grateful for their efforts.

Panasonic has contributed to the Olympic Movement for over 30 years, bringing the sights and sounds of the Olympic Games to generations of fans around the world and engaging young people in Olympic Values. Since 2017, we've been fortunate to benefit from Panasonic support of our IOC Young Leaders initiative, which empowers young people to leverage the power of sport to make a positive difference in their communities. The SPORTS CHANGE MAKERS project is a natural evolution of this program, using technology to further engage young people in the future of sport and using its power to break down barriers.

Technologies are already breaking down barriers at the Olympic Games by enabling fans all over the world to connect with their favorite athletes in sports in more ways than ever before and bringing them closer to the Olympic Values. Working with Panasonic on initiatives such as the Young Leaders program and the SPORTS CHANGE MAKERS project are great examples of how our shared values enable us to go beyond the Games and collaborate in innovative ways to contribute to society.

We are sure that the innovations developed through the SPORTS CHANGE MAKERS project will help further those goals, and we thank all of the entrants for their efforts. And thank you Panasonic for creating this platform to use the power of sports to make the world a better place. See you in Tokyo this summer.

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