Nov 06, 2020

Feature Story

Providing Electricity to Improve the Lives of Kenya's Maasai

The "Aid to Bring Electricity and Improve Life for the Maasai" project is underway in an off-grid village in Narok County, Kenya. This is part of the Off-grid Solutions Project that Panasonic launched in 2018 to help people living in off-grid areas lead self-reliant lives. It provides solar power generation and storage system along with education and training to support the development of communities. This project has been generating positive results for this Maasai community.

About 3,700 Maasai people live in a village with no electricity.
Lack of electricity posed serious problems for education, the economy, health, and safety, and more.

Panasonic started a project to make a better life for the community through electricity, working with World Vision, an international NGO. The project uses a solar power generation and storage system--along with workshops on electricity usage to create better lives.

It has improved life in the community in many ways. Light from a solar power generation and storage system enriched the learning environment for children attending school and for adults attending night classes.

The farm next to the school uses water pumped with solar power to cultivate various crops. Harvested produce is used in school meals and sold to support the school's lunch program.

The clinic can keep vaccines refrigerated, and patients can get medical exams at night. Nighttime medical examinations increased to 83 (2019) from 27 (2018). Nighttime childbirth deliveries increased to 31 (2019) from 0 (2018).

Our Off-grid Solutions Project helps local communities be independent and develop. The power of energdy opens the way to the future.

Panasonic will continue to work with those communities for "A Better Life, A Better World."

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