Feb 07, 2020

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Four Regional Representatives of Sports Change Makers Project Have Been Selected

After careful review of presentation in the Regional Qualification, Panasonic is pleased to announce regional representatives from qualification in Tokyo, Beijing, Paris and Los Angeles. Each team will start to prototype the ideas with Panasonic team from February 2020. Updates along their work journey will be shared on this feature story and their final prototype will be demonstrated on Aug 24 of this year at Panasonic Center Tokyo.

From Tokyo regional qualification

Mr. Kento Yokose (from Kyoto Institute of Technology)

From Beijing regional qualification

Ms. Danrui Xiang (from Beijing Technology and Business University)
Ms. Yue Hu (from Beijing Technology and Business University)
Ms. Xueer Lin (from Beijing Technology and Business University)
*From left to right

From Paris regional qualification

Mr. Bob van der Horst (from The University of Hull)
Ms. Xela Dafauce Bouzó (from The University of Hull)
Mr. Simon van de Fliert (from The University of Hull)
*From left to right

From Los Angeles regional qualification

Mr. Timothy Nguyen (from California State University, Northridge)
Mr. Joshua Santiago (from California State University, Northridge)
Mr. Justin Anderson (from California State University, Northridge)
*From left to right


"SPORTS CHANGE MAKERS", presented by Panasonic in cooperation with the International Olympic Committee (IOC)*1, International Paralympic Committee (IPC)*1 and The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. This program is a competition in which students from every part of Japan participate to create new ideas in sports using Panasonic audio and video technology. Ideas are solicited from students in four presenting region: Japan, China, Europe and the United States, which will be the next countries to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Works will be exhibited to the public in 2020.
*1: IOC and IPC have been cooperating to attend final event as evaluator.

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