Aug 20, 2016

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360° Movie Report at the Showcase in Sugarloaf

Panasonic has set up a pavilion to be used during the Olympic season. Located in Rio de Janeiro's Sugarloaf Mountain, a registered World Heritage site, the pavilion will offer exhibits created with Panasonic's proprietary Space Player and transparent screens. In addition, a 360° image of the pavilion is in the works; this will allow people to virtually explore the pavilion.

*In order to experience 360-degree full panoramic view, please use one of the following web browsers.
*The viewing angle can be changed by clicking on the arrows in the top left corner of the screen or by dragging the view.
[Windows 7/8 and above] Latest versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Google Chrome
[Mac OS X 10.8 and above] Latest versions of Firefox, Google Chrome, or Opera
[iOS][Android] Latest version of the YouTube app

History Tunnel

In the History Tunnel, lighting and images by Space Player trace the involvement of Panasonic in the Olympic Games.

Main Theater

The next space is the main theater. A 4K projector presents various contents associated with the Olympic Games.

Amazing Athletes, Exceptional Records

Here, a transparent screen shows footage of the countless records set by Olympic athletes.

Explore the Rio 2016 Olympic Torch Relay

Panasonic also serves as a technical partner in the Rio 2016 torch relay. At this booth, visible light ID technology reads and displays information on the Olympic flame and a map of the route followed by the torch relay. text2

Make your Dream FITA

Visitors are invited to make a Brazilian wish bracelet called fita. Create a unique good luck charm with your dream printed on it. Also meet a life-size figure of Neymar Jr.

Go for Goal

This booth offers the experience of playing wheelchair basketball, an event of the Paralympic Games. The intensity and depth of the sport is hard to imagine by watching alone.

Snap a Unique Rio 2016 Memory

At the final booth, take a snapshot with a screen projection of Vinicius, the mascot of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Stay tuned as Panasonic continues to provide solutions in support of the Olympic Games.

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