Aug 10, 2016

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#Rio2016 Olympic Games Has Just Begun - Flash Report Video

August 5, 2016.
The Rio 2016 Olympic Games has just begun.
This is the first Olympic Games for the South American continent, and the city of Rio de Janeiro, which has welcomed many visitors from all across the world, is filled with great excitement.

As the "Official Ceremony Partner" of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Panasonic has delivered approximately 110 projectors and various broadcasting and professional equipment and systems.

This support goes beyond provision of equipment. Panasonic provides comprehensive imaging solutions that include: - Visual system design
- System installation
- Operation and maintenance at the venues

Panasonic has also delivered a wide range of equipment to Rio 2016's competition venues and relevant facilities: - Projectors
- Broadcasting cameras
- Broadcasting equipment
- Monitors
- LED large screen display systems to 35 venues comprised of 72 screens amounting to 1,886m2

Moreover, Panasonic has set up a corporate pavilion, "Stadium of Wonders," on Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio.

History Tunnel
Shows images that weave moments in Panasonic's history supporting the Games for over 25 years.

Torch Relay Corner
Introduces information about the Torch Relay using Light ID technology.

Olympian Records Corner
Has been designed using transparent screen displays.

4K Theater
Images of the Opening Ceremony captured by Panasonic's 4K cinema camera, "VARICAM 35", shown in 4K on a large, 250-inch screen.

Under the slogan, "Sharing the Passion," Panasonic will continue to deliver the excitement of the Olympic Games with its cutting-edge technologies and solutions to people all around the world.

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