Aug 04, 2016

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Road to Rio 2016

For over 25 years, Panasonic has supported the Olympic Games with its cutting-edge AV equipment solutions. This support also extends to the RIO 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games to be held in August - September 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where Panasonic is currently delivering equipment and solutions to each venue and helping out with the preparations for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. This video zooms in on athletes such as Neymar Jr. training for the upcoming sporting festival and Panasonic employees, who are helping the Games get ready with the same level of passion.

"The Olympic Games is a unique moment in an athlete's life because there's just no bigger stage," says Felipe França, a swimmer for Brazil.

Juliana Silva, Brazilian beach volleyball athlete, states, "It's a part of my life. It is my life. In the end I know that all the setbacks I've endured have made me better and stronger."

As training continues in the background, Neymar Jr., Panasonic's global ambassador, who will be playing for the Brazilian National Football Team says, "The effort, the focus, the willpower, and training day after day - these things are fundamental for success."

According to Daniel Dias, Brazilian para-swimmer, "When I get there, I'll realize that it's far more than I've ever dreamed of or imagined. Everything is a process and obstacles and difficulties are bound to arise. It is up to me to choose how I overcome them."

For Saki Takakuwa, para-athlete for track and field, "What was once my dream has now become a goal. It's incredibly valuable to me. I've never felt as though I've reached my limit. As long as I continue to not feel this way, I can keep aiming higher."

Mauricio Lima, who is Panasonic's brand ambassador for Rio 2016 activities and former Brazilian national volleyball player who has won 2 gold medals, once in 1994 and then in 2004, says, "At the Games, either you win or lose. You reach the next stage or you're out. You have to be prepared for all these factors to achieve your goal, to become an Olympic champion."

Athletes continue to push themselves to the limit to aim ever higher. To help support these athletes, Panasonic employees draw on their rich experience and know-how at the past Games and give it their all. Panasonic Brazil's 'Olympic team' member says, "It will never finish. Until the last minute, the last game, the last second, we must be motivated, and we will do our best."

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