Feb 04, 2015

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Panasonic Leads Green Movement of First Cultural & Natural World Heritage Site in Vietnam

Ninh Binh, Vietnam - On 23rd January 2015, Trang An Landscape Complex was awarded the World Cultural & Heritage Certificate as the first cultural and natural World Heritage Site in Vietnam.
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As part of the event, Panasonic Vietnam, Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment (MONRE) and UNESCO jointly held integrated environmental education activities for over 600 people.

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    From right to left, (3rd) Mr. Dinh Quoc Tri, Vice Chairman, Ninh Binh People Committee. (4th) Mr. Bui Cach Tuyen, Deputy Minister, MONRE. (5th) Mrs Katherine Muller-marin, Representative of UNESCO in Vietnam and (6th) Mr. Eiji Fukumori, General Manager of Panasonic Vietnam

A Tree Planting Festival, "Panasonic for a greener Vietnam", was organised to encourage Panasonic employees to engage with local citizens through a shared activity. The festival is part of the Eco Relay framework which aims to raise environmental awareness among the community and improve lifestyles. 30,200 trees were planted. In the last four years, the total number of trees planted has reached 70,000.

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In addition, 100 local students participated in the World Heritage Eco Learning class and workshop that day. The class taught students the importance of preserving World Heritage Sites such as Trang An Landscape Complex and how they can do their part in environmental conservation. During the workshop, students learned how to repurpose discarded bottles into cup holders and assemble hybrid cars powered by solar batteries. Through such hands-on learning experience, Panasonic hopes to spark ideas and promote critical thinking within the younger generation to reduce waste generated, particularly from tourism heavy areas.

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Extending environmental outreach further to the public, Panasonic, together with UNESCO, held a photo exhibition titled "Discover the wonder of world heritage", together with an information corner "Connecting global world heritage", aimed at enhancing tourists' awareness on World Heritage conservation. The photo exhibition will continue to be displayed in all World Heritage sites in Vietnam while the information corner will be donated to Trang An Landscape Complex as a permanent information display.

By cooperating with UNESCO and government authorities, Panasonic Vietnam will continue to support sustainable development in Vietnam through various environmental and educational activities including Eco Relay, Eco Learning Program, Eco Picture Diary Contest, Kid Witness News and many other eco workshops at Panasonic Risupia Vietnam.

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