Apr 02, 2014

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Panasonic Helps Inspire the Next Generation in San Diego, USA

On February 26th, 2014, the Panasonic Eco Learning Program titled "Create & Store Energy to Change Our Future" was held at University of California, San Diego (UCSD). The event was a collaboration effort between Panasonic, UCSD, and The Gates Millennium Scholars. A little over one hundred fourth grade students and some of their parents from Foot hill Oak Elementary School (FHO) in Vista, California were invited to attend the event. The theme of the event was "Inspire the Next Generation Leaders". During which the FHO students experienced one day of collage life by exploring the UCSD campus.

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    Excited students from Foothill Oak Elementary at UCSD campus

Many of the FHO's students are the second generation of immigrant families, and have lower rates of attending college level education after graduate school. It was FHO's principal Dr. Erin English's strong desire to show the students, through this event, how a higher education will change their future.

First, SANYO North America Corporation's Megumi Marsh introduced Panasonic's cutting edge green technologies and sustainable way of living through the Panasonic Eco Learning Program. Then Pablo Ramos, a UCSD student who has been awarded nine years of scholarship by the Gates Millennium Scholars, shared his life story as a second generation Mexican immigrant. He introduced, in both English and Spanish, how his college education opened new opportunities. Then the FHO students took off on a campus tour lead by UCSD Global TIES (Team of International Engineers and Scientists) students. During the UCSD campus tour the TIES students gave the FHO students a rare opportunity to visit the research lab.

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    Panasonic Eco Learning Program by SNA's Megumi Marsh

"I thank Panasonic for sponsoring and coordinating today's event." Erin expressed her gratitude during the class. "If one member of a family attends college it would give a huge positive impact to the entire family. I overheard numerous students talking about going to university."

Megumi explained, "The important aspect of the Eco Learning Program is, of course, introducing our state of art technologies and products as a green innovative company, but also to inspire the next generation by showing bright futures and opportunities is as equally important."

At the end of the fiscal year 2013 (March end 2014), the North American Eco Learning Program will reach out to nearly 5,500 students from the third to the twelfth grade. And now the program is ready to be expanded more widely by the trained students/employee Eco ambassadors. Panasonic Eco Learning Program will continue to help inspire the next generation leaders by giving them dreams and hopes.

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    Group photo in front of UCSD's Stone Bear

Panasonic Kids School

In order to do our part in contributing to the growth and well being of children, Panasonic organizes various education programs around the world. By sharing these special experiences, Panasonic helps provide opportunities for children to make discoveries, however small they may be, that help spur their imagination.

  • Panasonic Kids School Program - A Gift to the Children

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