Mar 05, 2014

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Panasonic Projectors Powered Coca-Cola's Projection Mapping Event at Sochi 2014

The fever of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games swept across the world. During the Games, the projection mapping event, "Coca-Cola Sochi Vlivaisya 3D show," was held every night using the wall of the Iceberg Skating Palace.

Crystal clear, beautiful images were projected onto the gigantic building synchronized to light, fun music. Panasonic supported this event with a total of twenty-four 20,000-lumen projectors. Please take a look at the exciting, fun-filled ambience in the host city, Sochi.

Featuring synchronized music and images

The Iceberg Skating Palace was the venue for figure skating and short track competitions during Sochi 2014. As the name indicates, the building was built to resemble an iceberg floating in the ocean. This event projected vivid, beautiful images onto the walls of this very iconic building. Like Panasonic, Coca-Cola, who sponsored this event, has supported the Olympic Movement as an Official Worldwide Olympic Partner for over 25 years. Please take a look at the event brought to life by the collaboration of 2 Olympic partners.

  • 03_sochi_projector.jpg
    Dusk falls upon the Iceberg Skating Palace
  • 00_sochi_projector.jpg
    24 projectors were used to fill the wall with beautiful images
  • 02_sochi_projector.jpg
    The music becomes more up beat when huge speakers appear on the wall
  • 04_sochi_projector.jpg
    Some people began dancing to the music

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