Feb 07, 2014

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Be the Athlete with Panasonic's Wearable Sports Camera HX-A100

Panasonic launches Point-of View videos of Athletes and Equipment of five Sochi Olympic Events Shot with Wearable Camera HX-A100.

Panasonic Corporation announced the launch of online content "FEEL THE PASSION" which films sports athlete views using the wearable camera HX-A100, in five sports (skeleton, curling, mogul skiing, short track speed skating, ice dancing) which will take place at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games.

Panasonic Corporation, the worldwide TOP*1 sponsor has been supporting the Olympic Summer and Winter Games for over 25 years. "FEEL THE PASSION" is aimed to increase the excitement in watching the Olympic Games and to support the Sochi Olympic Winter Games beginning February 7th, 2014.

By using the hands-free shooting feature enabled by an ear hook and armband of the HX-A100, unusual films of the athlete's point-of-view were shot. The five sports include skeleton, curling, mogul skiing, short track speed skating and ice dancing- which will all be official events at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games.

  • Skeleton
  • Curling

The Facebook page Panasonic / Worldwide Olympic Partner also introduces information about the watching these sports at the Sochi Olympic Games as well as some behind the scenes of the video shooting. Stay tuned and share the passion!


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1. Skeleton / 2. Curling / 3. Mogul skiing / 4. Short track speed skating / 5. Ice dancing

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*1 TOP stands for "The Olympic Partner", standing for the highest ranking worldwide Olympic sponsor by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), provides total support for 4 years at both the Olympic Summer and Winter Games. Ever since Calgary Olympic Winter Games, for over 25 years Panasonic has been a TOP sponsor and has been contributing to the Olympic Movement which aims to promote world peace through sports.

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