Sep 27, 2013

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Hybrid Toy Car and LED Lantern Workshop Held in Germany

As part of our environmental education programme, Panasonic Europe in cooperation with Schule@IFA organized workshops for school students for four days in Berlin, Germany.

Panasonic Europe held a workshop with approx. 120 students age 13 to 18 from schools in Berlin being given the opportunity to explore environmental technologies through assembling hybrid toy cars and LED lanterns.

  • 00_IFA Kids School2.jpg
    Hybrid Toy Car Workshop

Following Panasonic staff's introductory presentation on eco technology and the outline of the workshop, students assembled either a Hybrid Toy Car or a LED lantern. They also learned energy consumption of LED and regular lamps by an interactive experiment during the workshop. After the workshop, they kept their own assembled kits to use and experiment with at home.

  • 03_IFA Kids School.jpg
    Interactive Experiment of Energy Consumption between a LED and a Regular Lamp
  • 04_IFA Kids School.jpg
    Presentation from Panasonic Staff

One of the accompanying teachers commented "I have never seen my students concentrating and motivated like this before". The workshops seem to have given the young people something to think about other than computer games, fun but educational at the same time.

  • 02_IFA Kids Schoolre.jpg
    Hybrid Toy Car and LED Lantern
  • 05_IFA Kids School.jpg
    Students Attending the Workshop

In line with Panasonic's basic business philosophy of putting "People before Products", a more flexible and diverse working structure is being implemented. The aim of this is to establish it at all sales and support organizations across Europe within the next three years.

As well as setting this series of environmental targets, Panasonic is also supporting the development of a sustainable society through education. Since 2010, Panasonic's environmental learning programme has seen over 200,000 children educated through Panasonic's kids school 'eco learning' initiatives. The new Sustainability Declaration extends this target to educate over 300,000 children by March 2016.

"The kids school 'eco learning' initiative strengthens the younger generation's ability to discover answers to tomorrow's environmental challenges. We are delighted to be holding workshops in Berlin, which will be an excellent platform for the younger generation to gain an understanding of the environmental challenges that face society in a fun and informative way" said Laurent Abadie, Chairman and CEO of Panasonic Europe.

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