Mar 22, 2013

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One Year to Go to Sochi - The Installation of Panasonic's AV Equipment is Steadily Underway

On February 7, 2013, exactly one year prior to the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games, the "One Year to Go" event was held at the Olympic Park in Sochi, Russia. Panasonic, who has been supporting the Olympic Games as the "Official Worldwide Olympic Partner" for over 25 years, has provided a wide range of products and solutions such as various broadcasting equipment/facilities and security cameras to Sochi 2014.

  • One year to go to Sochi -The installation of Panasonic's AV equipment is steadily underway-

This video captures the "One Year to Go" event, and the Panasonic equipment installed at competition venues and other related facilities. You will also get a glimpse of what the city of Sochi, as it prepares for the Games, the Olympic Park under construction, as well as the "Mountain Cluster," where alpine skiing and ski jumps will take place, are like at the moment.

Sochi is a resort on the Black Sea coast

  • 10824-2.jpg
    A view of the beautiful city of Sochi from the sea. [0 min 3 sec]
  • 10824-3.jpg
    The Countdown Clock counts down the time until the Olympic Games begin. [0 min 15 sec]

Sochi, located on the Black Sea coast is a renowned Russian resort. The Olympic Games will be held here for 17 days starting on February 7, 2014. The beautiful view of the city from the sea is a must-see.

The "One Year to Go" Event Held at the Olympic Park

  • 10824-4.jpg
    The anticipation among people in the Olympic Park continued to build as the countdown progressed. [0 min 33 sec]
  • 10824-5.jpg
    A mesmerizing performance by a young boy and a girl. [0 min 35 sec]
  • 10824-6.jpg
    Performers twirl fireworks around on the rink. [0 min 42 sec]
  • 10824-7.jpg
    And the fireworks in the night sky celebrate one year to go to Sochi. [0 min 57 sec]

The "One Year to Go" event was held exactly one year prior to the Olympic Games, on February 7, 2013. President Vladimir Putin also attended this fantastic event. This video captures memorable scenes from this event such as the diverse performances, the moment of the countdown, and the fireworks.

AV Equipment and Security Cameras Installed in the Venues

  • 10824-8.jpg
    The LED Large Screen Display System installed at the figure skating rink. [1 min 33 sec]
  • 10824-9.jpg
    Plasma displays installed in various facilities. [1 min 36 sec]
  • 10824-10.jpg
    Professional camera recorders will capture the performance of the athletes. [1 min 38 sec]
  • 10824-11.jpg
    Broadcasting devices such as editing equipment have also been delivered. [1 min 42 sec]

At the "Coastal Cluster," located near the Black Sea, indoor competitions such as skating will be held. In the "Iceberg Skating Palace," the venue for figure skating events, an LED Large Screen Display System has been installed to showcase the expressions and performances of the athletes up close.

Panasonic Products Are Also Being Installed at the Mountain Cluster Venues and Facilities

  • 10824-12.jpg
    An LED Large Screen Display System has also been installed at the bobsleigh and skeleton venue. [3 min 28 sec]
  • 10824-13.jpg
    Over 3,500 security cameras have been installed for the Olympic Games. [3 min 37 sec]

Fifty kilometers north of "Coastal Cluster," you will find the "Mountain Cluster," which is where alpine and ski jump events will be held. Over 200 equipment such as security cameras, LED Large Screen Display Systems, and professional TV systems have also been installed at these venues.

With only one year to go, preparations in Sochi are steadily underway. This video captures how Panasonic, as the "Official Worldwide Olympic Partner," will continue to support the Olympic Games with its cutting-edge technologies and products.

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