Jan 20, 2012

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Countdown to "The Eco Picture Diary Global Contest Ceremony" in Paris

On February 8, Panasonic will hold a ceremony for "The Eco Picture Diary Global Contest" at the head quarter of UNESCO, in Paris. This feature story introduces the history of this contest, and what Panasonic is aiming in this activity by a few running articles.

With the concept slogan " When kids shine, so will our future", Panasonic is committed to supporting the development of the next generation by providing the opportunity where children can experience learning and discovery, that support the dreams and futures of children through Internet as well as events held all over the world.

Panasonic conducts a variety of educational programs including the Eco Picture Diary Contest, the Jump Rope Competition, the Global Eco Learning Program and World Heritage Eco Learning Program under the umbrella scheme of "Panasonic Kids School," which over 200,000 children currently take part in worldwide. In the hopes of promoting the sound development of children and mutual understanding among people around the world, Panasonic will continue in its work to promote and expand these activities in the future.
Among these programs, "The Eco Picture Diary Contest" is an activity carried out in Japan since 2008 with a view toward raising children's interest in environmental issues and eco activities. Globalization started in 2009, and children from all over the world have participated in our activity.

In the 2011 Eco Picture Diary Global Contest, around 130,000 works were submitted by the children from 37 countries and regions, and their ideas were presented with vivid picture and thoughtful expressions.
The national winners of 30 countries will be in attendance at the ceremony in Paris, where they will be recognized in the various category prizes by the group of judges, including the UNESCO Goodwill Ambassadors and international specialists of environmental issues.

    The Participants

  1. Europe: Germany, Hungary, Italy, UK, Poland, Romania, Turkey, Czech Rep, Russia, Ukraine
  2. Middle East and Africa: Saudi Arabia, Syria, Kenya
  3. Asia: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, India, Japan , China, New Zealand
  4. Latin America: Panama, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Costa-Rica, Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala

Review: The Eco Diary Global Contest Ceremony 2010

Last year, on December 5th, 2010, Panasonic held "The Eco Picture Diary Global Contest Ceremony 2010". 13 diaries were selected from many entries received from 13 countries. All of the entries illustrate the various kinds of eco activity that were being practiced around the world, and each gave great ideas for eco friendly activity.
We look forward to witnessing the ceremony 2011!!

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