Oct 19, 2012

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Panasonic Supported by WWF Russia Launches the Contest of Environmental Actions

Panasonic Russia has launched a new large-scale project aimed at drawing attention of Russian youth to ecological problems and environmental protection. The initiative is supported by World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia. In October – November, 2012 a series of eco-lessons and a competition for the best environmental action "100 steps to the Arctic" will be held in Russian universities. The winning team will go on a fascinating tour to the most beautiful, but difficult to access area of Altai Mountains - Argut river Valley.

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    One of the Most Beautiful Parts of Russia – Altai Mountains. The Contest Winners Will Visit Here.

WWF Russia declared 2012 the Year of Arctic. "Bear Patrol" is the main Arctic project, which helps to accumulate diverse information about Russian polar bear population, to protect it from poachers, and to prevent conflicts between bears and humans. Panasonic Russia actively supports "Bear Patrol". Participation in this project is symbolic for Panasonic as an Official Worldwide Olympic Partner, because Polar or White bear is one of the mascots of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi 2014.
Problems of Arctic are bounded up tightly with other environmental problems in Russia. They can be solved only together. "100 steps to the Arctic" contest should attract young people's attention to the environment protection, and to encourage them to building lives in harmony with nature. The competition participants should develop an idea of environmental action and implement it in their village or city, thus making small but important step to the improvement of general ecological situation in Russia and to protection of Arctic.

"Toward 2018, the 100th anniversary of our founding, Panasonic aims to be the No.1 Green Innovation Company in the Electronics Industry. This implies not only development of technologies and products with minimum negative impact on the environment, but also creation and support of eco-oriented mentality, - said Shigeo Suzuki, CEO of Panasonic Russia. - Since April we have been working closely with WWF Russia fund and supported its Arctic project "Bear Patrol". I am sure that new "100 steps to the Arctic" contest will help us to make some very important steps for protection of the Russian North and the Earth in general".
"We appreciate Panasonic's support of "Bear Patrol" project. Thanks to that several additional patrol teams could have made raids on the Arctic coast of Russia in April. We are glad that our cooperation has now spread to the sphere of environmental education", - said Viktor Nikiforov, the director of “Bear Patrol" project, WWF Russia.

Significant element of the project is a series of open lectures that will be held in the universities of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Volgograd, Kazan, Ufa, Arkhangelsk, Vladivostok, and other cities of Russia. The audience will study a problem of global climate changes, and also discuss causes and measures reducing carbon footprint of people's work and everyday activities. 

"100 steps to the Arctic" contest is held from October to November 2012. The participants should gather into teams (the core team - up to 4 people), develop an idea of environmental action and implement it by November 30, 2012. Then a photo or video report must be provided to the Organizing committee. Any ideas aimed on improvement of living environment, animal protection, eco-educational activities, saving of energy and water, eco-innovative activities, etc are welcomed. Eco initiatives implemented in January-September of 2012 can also be nominated for the contest.

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    Official Website of the Project

The winner will be selected by the expert panel in accordance with three main criteria such as a scale of the project (total number of participants involved), the relevance of the action for the region's ecology, creativity of the idea. The winning team will be rewarded with a trip to the Argut river Valley, while the teams, who took 2nd and 3rd place, will receive awards from Panasonic.
The results will be announced in January 2013 at the press conference by Panasonic and WWF Russia.


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