Oct 16, 2012

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Panasonic Held a World Heritage Eco Learning Program in Xochicalco, Mexico

Panasonic held the UNESCO World Heritage Eco Learning Program for two days the 25th and September 26, 2012 in the archaeological Monuments Zone of Xochicalco registered as the Cultural Heritage. To learn about the importance of protecting the global environment and preservation of World Heritage sites, the total of 266 from four elementary and junior high school visited the Xochicalco.

  • View the Video Report by Mitzi from Panasonic Mexico
  • 02-1-201210EKS.JPG
    Many Students Attend the Lecture

The archaeological Monuments Zone of Xochicalco were registered as the World Heritage in 1999 with its significance of valuable cultural and religious elements of the Xochicalco civilization which prospered during 650 to 900 B.C.

Firstly the children attended the classroom session for the "UNESCO World Heritage Eco Learning Program" by Mitzi. They actively joined the quiz how to protect the World Heritage and the global environment.

  • 02-2-201210EKS.JPG
    Students Actively Participate in the World Heritage Quiz
  • 03-201210EKS.JPG
    Today's Lecturer is Mitzi from Panasonic Mexico

Also, children joined the activities of the "Feather Art Workshop", which allows children to learn customs and traditions of the predecessors.

  • 04-201210EKS.JPG
    The Children Love the Colourful Feathers!

During the course of the tour, children have learned the predecessor's wisdam of the nature such as using the tree sap as substitution of plastic cast.

Xochicalco is built on the top of the mountain, protected by the layer of rampart, to prevent the invasion from the enemy.  Children climbed the slope, and visited the famous "Featured Serpent Pyramid." The relief describes feathered snakes and the priest decoration, and its drawing technique has some similarity with Mayan Civilization.

  • 01-201210EKS.JPG
    View from the Mountain
  • 12-201210EKS.JPG
    The Stunning View!
  • 06-201210EKS.jpg
    Look Up to the Sky from the Observatory Cave

Moreover, the children also visited the artificial cave used as a solar observatory. It looked like an open ceiling hole with the width of 80cm and the sunlight comes in straight to the cave.  It has been found that predecessors calculated the Vernal Equinox and the Autumnal Equinox Day from the light that enters this cave or position of the sun, and used the calendar information for their agriculture.  The children experienced and learned the importance of protecting the great heritage from ancient people.

  • 07-201210EKS.JPG
    Interesting View of the Participants

After the tour of the heritage site, children draw the experience of the day in their Eco Picture Diary.

  • 09-201210EKS.JPG
    Participants Draw What They Have Learned

At the same time, "Media Training" session was held in which Panasonic invited the young UNESCO volunteer members in Mexico to do the small workshop for image production for as part of the strategic partnership activity with UNESCO. A total of 15 volunteer members learnt the techiniques to shoot and edit the image of the World Heritage and the Eco Learning Program.

  • 10-201210EKS.JPG
    Panasonic's Visual Team Gives Lessons on Using the Audio-visual Equipment
  • 11-201210EKS.JPG
    Using the HD Camcorder to Record the Findings!

Interview by the Director

  • 08-201210EKS.jpg
    Mr. Arglgo. Jos Cuauhtli A. Medina Romero
    Director of Museum
    The Archaeological Monuments Zone of Xochicalco

"I think that this Eco Learning Program is very meaningful not only for the archaeological site but also for both UNESCO and Panasonic. This activity could potentially raise the awareness of preserving the ruins, imporatance of education and sense of identity to people in Mexico and also people around the world.

I think that the advanced technologies that Panasonic provides are fully applicable for the ecological and sustainable energy generating system at Xochicalco museum. I'm looking forward to close collaboration in the future with the company such as Panasonic that could renovate the energy system and facility at Xochicalco."

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