Jul 30, 2012

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100,000 Children Educated in Eco Learning in Europe

Panasonic Europe has reached its target of educating 100,000 children on the environment by March 2013 one year ahead of plan. The Panasonic Europe kids school "eco learning" initiative is an environmental education programme, providing teaching materials for primary school teachers in order to customize lessons about climate change, biodiversity and other eco-related topics for children aged between 7 and 11 years old.


Through its Kids School Eco Learning Program, Panasonic is offering opportunities for environmental education to children around the world to help nurture global sustainable leaders of tomorrow. Here, we would like to share some of the activities conducted in various regions, which have been carried out in Panasonic's 2011 fiscal year.

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    Eco learning website in Europe
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Children learn about environment in a school class

Since 2010 the initiative has educated more than 100,000 children and many more are expected to participate in the future. So far 16 countries in Europe have adopted the initiative.

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    16 countries in Europe adopting the Panasonic Europe Kids School initiative

Armenia is the latest country to adopt the scheme and the environmental education of the 100,000th child milestone was marked in an official launch ceremony with Mr. Shigeo Suzuki, the Managing Director of Panasonic Russia.

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    Mr. Suzuki, Managing Director of Panasonic Russia and the pupils of Gavar's elementary school with kids school "eco learning" teaching material

Panasonic has also launched a programme with the non-profit organization World Vision to educate and coach students at the university of Gavar. The region is home to one of the country's most popular tourist attractions Lake Sevan. The lake is one of the highest mountain lakes in the world but suffers from high levels of pollution.

The first phase of the programme sees education to students about recycling and environmental activities.  Panasonic is providing equipment and expert lectures to support this valuable project.

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