Jul 26, 2012

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In this story, I'd like to introduce some exclusive application content developed by Panasonic for London 2012. These content are being made available on personal computers, smart phones and tablets. Some of these regional apps also come with an extra bonus, Panasonic-only prizes. So don't miss out and make sure to click on the app to share your passion!

Panasonic have been an Official Worldwide Olympic Partner in the Audio and Visual Equipment category for more than 20 years, ever since The Olympic Partner (TOP) Program was introduced at the Calgary Olympic Winter Games in 1988. Now, towards London 2012, a variety of activities is on-going worldwide. Let us introduce our campaign, exclusive Olympic products/supporting AV equipment at Olympic stadiums, all of which can only be experienced during the Olympic season.

Panasonic has set a slogan "Sharing the Passion" as the Olympic Partner to share the Olympic movement with people around the world. Under this slogan, we have presented various applications online for the purpose of "Sharing the Passion". Some of these campaigns also come with prizes for participants in specific regions so don't miss out and join in the fun.


SHARE THE PASSION App offers a new passion zone for all lovers of sports. People get together from around the world to share their passion for sports by exchanging photos through the app. How? Select a passionate shot, say a scene of you enjoying sports from your Facebook album and tag it with the "Passion tag." Viola! The App generates that photo into your own original news clip. Post this short clip to your wall to share your passion for sports with friends. You also can share your passion for sports with people around the world through the app's sports category.

Why not experience this new app and meet passionate sports fans from around the world? Multiply the joys of the Olympic Games by sharing!
cf. Facebook App "SHARE THE PASSION" Debut from Panasonic | News Exclusive

SHARE THE PASSION http://apps.facebook.com/sharethepassion/

QUIZ TRIVIATHLON is an easy-to-play two-choice answer per question quiz application which includes over 700 questions about the history, sports and host cities of the Olympic Games. In this "competition of knowledge," you must continually answer the questions correctly in order to survive; one wrong answer will end the game. Join this campaign to accumulate your knowledge on the Olympic Games and make the London 2012 even more entertaining!

(Updated on Aug 8, 2012)


RUN@LONDON a web browser-based game that offers you a simulated experience of running the marathon course of the London 2012 Olympic Games. It is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Germany and Japanese. Your self-created avatar runs the marathon course instead of you, taking a circular route from The Mall where the starting line is located, through many popular venues, such as Trafalgar Square, St. Paul's Cathedral, Guildhall, Tower Bridge, and Big Ben, all famous landmarks in London.

Information of your passing each popular venue can be shared on your SNS accounts, and that profile pictures appears on the certificate of completion proving you've ran the hefty marathon course. If you have an SNS account, enjoy RUN@LONDON by logging in.
cf. RUN@LONDON Campaign | Press Kits

RUN@LONDON http://london2012.panasonic.jp/
* Available to select languages from English, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Japanese.


Designed for Facebook and mobile devices, FLAG TAGS allows users to celebrate the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games by using the age old tradition of face painting by simply taking their picture, applying the virtual face paint design of the chosen national flag, and sharing the image with friends and family. Panasonic will then 'Share The Passion' through strategic digital media channels and event installations so people around the world can commemorate the greatest Games on earth!

Panasonic is encouraging people around the world to pledge support for their country by painting their face in national team colors and dedicating their social profile to the chosen team.
cf. Share the Passion with Flag Tags! | Panasonic UK & Ireland

FLAG TAGS English | Protegees | Spanish

GET THE MESSAGE from Louise and Neymar Jr.

Panasonic has started its global advertising campaign on TV and in print media with Louise Hazel, an English athlete of the Heptathlon, and Neymar da Silva Santos Junior, a Brazilian footballer. The video content, such as TV commercials and exclusive "making of" videos can be enjoyed on the YouTube Special site. In addition, in the special GET THE MESSAGE you can create a one-of-a-kind message board with a photo of Louise and Neymar Jr. by logging in with your Facebook/Twitter account. Try it out!

GET THE MESSAGE: English | Protegees

Los Panasónicos

"Los Panasónicos" is a Spain-exclusive Facebook game app that consists of three unique mini-games (such as throwing a TV remote control) in which the user must exceed 10,000 points to qualify. For what? Well, the best scores get entered to win a trip for two to the 2012 London Olympics, including airfare, hotel (3 days and 2 nights) and two tickets to the semifinals and finals football athletics. What are you waiting for?
cf. Londres 2012 llega a las redes sociales de Panasonic | Panasonic España

Los Panasónicos Facebook app (Spanish Only)


GOGAI MAKER II is unique Japanese web content which interactively lets you create an exclusive "READ ALL ABOUT IT" newspaper. With simple operations such as a selection of headline and upload a photo, your dream of getting on the front page headlines might just come true. App for smart phone is also available.

GOGAI MAKER II http://panasonic.jp/olympic/gogai/
* App for smart phones is available to download. Click here to see the details.
(Japanese Only)

Sharing the Passion! Stay tuned the next.
(Reported by Satoe and Cathy, editors of Panasonic News Portal)

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