Jul 10, 2012

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Panasonic Audio and Visual Equipment Liven Up the Olympic

The Olympics Game is not complete without its viewers. And to make sure viewers from all around the world can join in and share the excitement of the Games, Panasonic proudly sponsors the AV equipment used. This story will introduce the AV equipment which is used to liven London 2012.

Panasonic has been an Official Worldwide Olympic Partner in the Audio and Visual Equipment category for more than 20 years, ever since The Olympic Partner (TOP) Program was introduced at the Calgary Olympic Winter Games in 1988. Now, towards London 2012, a variety of activities is on-going worldwide. Let us introduce our campaign, exclusive Olympic products/supporting AV equipment at Olympic stadiums, all of which can only be experienced during the Olympic season.

  • 01_londonvol2_supply.jpg
    History of the Main Product Supply since 2004 Athens

See the table? Actually, Panasonic is going to deliver the biggest product supply in our sponsorship history for the London 2012 Olympic Games. Using our equipment, even perhaps the smallest drop of sweat from the athletes in a large stadium can be conveyed clearly from the large-screens, making you feel like you are alongside the athletes in the Games. Aside from the audio-visual systems that have been installed in the stadiums, Panasonic has also supported various broadcast equipment and systems. That way, if you are watching the Games on TV, you will definitely be listening to Panasonic's great sound system or watching images from our visual systems at the venue or on television broadcasts.

Where is Panasonic?

LED Large Screens

In the London 2012 Olympic Games, 45 units, 1,730㎡ LED large screens have been installed.

  • 02_londonvol2_triathlon.jpg
  • 03_londonvol2_bmx.jpg
  • 04_londonvol2_beachvalley.jpg
    Beach Volleyball
  • 05_londonvol2_cycling.jpg
    Track Cycling
  • 06_londonvol2_wrestling.jpg
    103 inch Plasma System Display in Wrestling Stadium

20,000 Lumens Projector

A minimum size and maximum brightness DLP(R) projector in industry, all packed in one. In London 2012, these DLP projectors (PT-DZ21K and PT-DS20K) will not be in the spotlight but definitely producing the light, taking part in the opening ceremony! Exciting right?

Security Cameras

More than 2,500 security camera units will support the safety of the competition management.

HD Video Conference Equipment

High-definition video conferencing system using the Internet which Panasonic is proud of, has been installed in various locations. They will be utilized for public viewing events, for networking event with schools around the world and for staff meetings.

LED Large Screens in Legacy

In the United Kingdom outside London, large LED screens have been installed for public viewing. The Olympic Games will be televised also on these screens.

  • 12_londonvol2_legacy.jpg
  • 13_londonvol2_map.jpg

Panasonic's Large Screens Will Bring the Excitement to the Public

Sharing the Passion with Panasonic!

Next, will introduce our advertisements which you'll only be able to see during this Olympic season. Don't miss it.
(Reported by Satoe and Cathy, editor of Panasonic News Portal)

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