Jun 29, 2012

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Panasonic Web Content for the Olympic Games

Panasonic is proud to support the Olympic Movement which aims to promote world peace through sports. We have been an Official Worldwide Olympic Partner in the Audio and Visual Equipment category for more than 20 years, ever since The Olympic Partner (TOP) Program was introduced at the Calgary Olympic Winter Games in 1988. Under the slogan "Sharing the Passion," Panasonic contributes to the success of the Olympic Games through our audio video equipment technology and expertise.

Now, towards London 2012, a variety of activities is on-going worldwide. Let us introduce our campaign, exclusive Olympic products/supporting AV equipment at Olympic stadiums, all of which can only be experienced during the Olympic season.

Welcome to our new Feature Story, "Sharing the Passion at London 2012"! As the top batter in this series, let us introduce Panasonic's special websites for the Olympic.

"Sharing the Passion" at the Olympic Games | Panasonic Global Website

This is an official site for appealing Panasonic's activities or history as an official partner of the Olympic Games. For example, the History page shows videos of the opening ceremony from the Calgary Olympics in 1988 onwards, on classic Panasonic TV models used at the time. I'm sure both the TV models and the videos should bring back some nostalgic memories. In addition, Panasonic also contributes broadcasting AV equipment to each Olympic Games, so you can also see our broadcasting equipment such as camcorders or tapes (recorded media) used during each Olympic Games.

In the Behind the Scene page, we tell stories about Panasonic's audio and visual equipment actively used in the Olympic venues including exclusive interviews of employees who took on the challenge to install them, since the delivery of large vision and sound system RAMSA to Los Angeles in 1984.

So why don't you start from this global site and make your way through history just in time for London 2012? Along the way be sure to check the local activities for the Olympic Games. And don't forget to share your findings with friends and family.

London 2012 Olympic Games | Panasonic UK & Ireland

Of course, what better way to celebrate than at the heart of the excitement? Aside from our global page, we also have the "London 2012 Olympic Games" delivered by Panasonic UK from this year's Olympic host country, the United Kingdom. For the 2012 Games, we welcomed Louise Hazel, a gold medalist of Pentathlon as an ambassador for Panasonic's Share the Passion campaign.

In addition to Louise, we also interviewed her teammates in a set of videos on YouTube. At the official flickr account, snaps of the Skandia Team GBR sailing team during their practice can also be viewed, as sponsored by Panasonic UK.

Moreover, be sure to check out the line-up of limited edition products for the London 2012 available at the UK website. For those who visit UK to support the event, we hope that you'll enjoy the Games with Panasonic's Olympic commemorative products for London 2012.

Panasonic / Worldwide Olympic Partner | Facebook Page

Aside from official homepages, Panasonic is also making an appearance on social media. The Panasonic/Worldwide Olympic Partner Facebook Page not only introduces the history of Panasonic and the Olympic Games in its timeline, but also reports the scene right "NOW" in preparation for the Olympic Games as introduced by the staff of the Olympic Marketing Office at Panasonic. From giving you inside tips on the best joints to hit for a good beer or a bite in London to quickly delivering interviews with Panasonic employee Mika Yoshikawa who won her ticket to the Games for the first time, you'll be able to find a lot of "hot" news in preparation for this year's London Olympics. And of course, during the Olympics, you won't be disappointed by our enthusiastic reports from the local reporters! Remember to like the page to not miss out on the action.

In the next episode, we will detail the various Panasonic AV equipment used at the Olympic venues for this year's game to root on the incredibly sportsmanship and teams in this wonderful international competition. Continue in Sharing the Passion with Panasonic!
(Reported by Satoe, editor of Panasonic News Portal)

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